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Want a long-line cardi but what do you wear over it on a cold day? - long coat?

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lisasimpson Sun 18-Oct-09 16:53:48

well just that really as I don't think my formal long coat is going to look right over long cardi and leggings!

sarah293 Sun 18-Oct-09 16:59:11

Message withdrawn

CybilCeremony Sun 18-Oct-09 17:00:22

I would prob just layer up under long cardi, scarf, long sleeve teeshirt etc. I don't think wearing a coat over works really.

ScaryFucker Sun 18-Oct-09 17:32:21

yeah, I find this awkward too

I have a grey, "crumpled" mac that looks ok, sort of

until it is really cold though, I layer with vest, long sleeve top underneath a dress, thick tights, cardi, woolly scarf, gloves, thick socks, boots and hat

I am usually warm enough for just popping to shops/school yard etc ie. in/out of the car

for longer walks though, probably not enough

PuppyMonkey Sun 18-Oct-09 17:35:01

You are supposed to wear the cardi instead of a coat.

cornsilk Sun 18-Oct-09 17:35:15

I leave my coat open if wearing a long cardi.

lisasimpson Sun 18-Oct-09 17:46:41

puppymonkey I don't mean a chunky knit cold weather one - just a fine knit bum/hip length one casual style. Not going to look stylish on the school run if long anorak covers it up!

sarah293 Sun 18-Oct-09 17:51:37

Message withdrawn

lisasimpson Sun 18-Oct-09 17:54:46

say thigh length then!

lisasimpson Sun 18-Oct-09 17:55:34

what I mean is longer than most casual coats cover

KristinaM Sun 18-Oct-09 18:48:14

i think it has to be a parka

agree formal coat is a different look

Ewe Sun 18-Oct-09 18:53:23

I have a short black single breasted pea coat from Zara that I wear over my long cardi, it looks good I think. Don't do it up though.

Ewe Sun 18-Oct-09 18:54:26

It's a bit like this, wear with long grey cardigan and long grey scarf.

VictoriousSponge Sun 18-Oct-09 18:55:00

OI have a middle lenght coat
in fact i dont have any long ones

momijigari Mon 19-Oct-09 00:44:04

I have a good winter coat for wearing over my long cardigans, it is very warm, so Sassenachs may find it a little excessive, but perfect for anyone living in the baltic North of Scotland, here, especially if you do a fair bit of walking.

Tortington Mon 19-Oct-09 00:46:43

i agree re layering.

i also think tht one should consider their height

short arses should avoid long coats imo

LovelyDear Mon 19-Oct-09 00:48:40

i love your merrell coat momijigari

momijigari Mon 19-Oct-09 01:01:38

Thank you Lovely, it is better in rl, I have had quite a few compliments about it so far, but it is so snugly AND waterproof too, it makes me almost feel prepared for being frozen in the playground this year.

AmyGroovy3 Thu 22-Oct-09 15:41:13

just fold your cardigan up a bit under your coat

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