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Ok, it's two weeks to the wedding, and I need nail varnish advice please......

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Lulumama Sat 17-Oct-09 12:59:25

Got black outfit for pre wedding do ( x 3 !!) and for the wedding itself, with silver accesories

am dithering between french polish, rouge noire or a really , really deep navy blue

what do i do?

i bought v v ££££ chanel lipstick and colour is wrong on me ,gggggrrrrrr

bigchris Sat 17-Oct-09 13:02:39

black for a wedding?!!!

no navy blue looks awful with black

what about silver to go with accessories? or french sounds lovely

Ceebee74 Sat 17-Oct-09 13:08:44

Definitely not navy.

French polish always looks lovely or I would pick a really 'stand-out' colour such as burgundy/dark red/bright pink - a bit of colour to contrast with the black and silver.

FakePlasticTrees Sat 17-Oct-09 13:08:51

It's got to last for a couple of do's? French, if you chip it, less obvious.

Lulumama Sat 17-Oct-09 13:19:40

the blue looks almost black, if that helps grin

what's wrong with black for a wedding?

loads of people wear black for weddings

am going to have nails done again 2 days before wedding

think i might go for french then, nails have grown a bit , have been using a sally hansens maximum growth varnish and it does seem to have helped

if i have to , i can re polish them myself, but can never get the shape as good and even as the manicurist

CMOTdibbler Sat 17-Oct-09 15:56:32

If theres a NailsInc near you, or anywhere else that does the Biogel overlays, then I'd really recommend the three week manicure/gel overlay. My colleague has hers in dark red, another has french and so do I, and the really do last for 3 weeks with no chipping, and strengthen your nails so they won't break either. When you're fed up of them, just soak off in acetone.

monkeysmama Sat 17-Oct-09 19:35:55

I've gone off French manicures recently & prefer a nice pinky colour. I love the Chanel pink/white polish. 3 coats last ages, make the nails look really healthy & clean and you can pop it in your bag if you need a touch up.

In terms of dark colours Rimmel do a celebrity bash colour which is lovely & lasts ages. Looks great with black & silver.

tulpe Sat 17-Oct-09 22:06:12

I'm wearing Rimmel's Black Cherries today and it looks fab with black. Lasts a few days too.

PenguinProject Sat 17-Oct-09 22:06:28

I'd agree that although navy is good, not sure it would go with all black.

Pretty and natural = french polish

A bit more edgy = rouge noir or even a slate grey colour (barry m and nails inc). Chanel do a new shade a little darker than rouge noir called diabolique which would work too.

Lulumama Sun 18-Oct-09 09:59:18

thank you all very much

i do have the barry m slate grey which is nice

think i'll go for french whilst my nails are a decent length for a change

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