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I know Next isn't wildly popular on here but I wanted to show you this dress

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GhoulsAreLoud Fri 16-Oct-09 18:56:08


They do it instore in purple as well, I got the purple for going out and the grey for work. It looks really nice with heels, flat boots and heeled boots. It's a lovely fit, skims the tummy area and at £22 is a bargain, so thought I'd mention it!

Lulumama Fri 16-Oct-09 18:59:11

it's nice, but that model looks scarily skinny round her arms.

nappyzonecantrunfortoffee Fri 16-Oct-09 19:00:50

gosh she does doesnt she

GhoulsAreLoud Fri 16-Oct-09 19:00:58

She does Lulu, she's got a little bit of the chicken legs going on too.

THankfully I'm not as skinny as her grin

llaregguBOO Fri 16-Oct-09 19:02:15

I went into Next recently for the first time in years and was really impressed. I bought quite a few things for under £60, so was bargainous too.

Sparkletastic Fri 16-Oct-09 19:03:56

I've got it in grey and it is FAB - am a curvy size 14 so wear it with a very funky and incredibly well-matched long t-shirt cardie type affair from Matalan to keep warm and hide arms. Looks great with opaque tights and black wedge knee boots. I'm with you all the way on this one Ghouls grin

TrillianSlasher Fri 16-Oct-09 19:06:05

I do love a jersey dress, but not keen on the neckline.

nappyzonecantrunfortoffee Fri 16-Oct-09 19:08:27

i0 dlike a jersey dress to go with soem knee high brown flat boots - is that doeable style gurus? id like it for next saturday and id like to be warm......

Lulumama Fri 16-Oct-09 19:11:27

i do like the dress i'd wear it over a long sleeved top thogh with some chunky beads

MusterMix Fri 16-Oct-09 19:11:53

its sold out though so its ireelebant

Lizzylou Fri 16-Oct-09 19:12:08

I have that in black and grey, it's fab.
Very flattering but hides your tum.

I wore the black one on a night out with heeled boots and got loads of compliments, off women who pay a fortune for their clothes.
Noone could believe the price.

I am wearing the grey one out to the pub tomorrow night with flat boots.

Didn't know that they did purple......

EldonAve Fri 16-Oct-09 19:13:44

I tried it but it was v gapey on the armholes and showed bra
Maybe fine if you are small chested

GhoulsAreLoud Fri 16-Oct-09 19:17:08

That's a shame eldon, I'm gonna wear mine with a shrug type cardi cos I don't do bare arms anyway.

Didn't realise it was sold out, I got it in ths shop today.

CybilLiberty Fri 16-Oct-09 19:25:51

Next directory pisses me off with the way they obviously bull dog clip the wide topped boots around the skinny models legs to make it look like they fit.

MusterMix Fri 16-Oct-09 19:39:48

hahahha! i KNEW it was you.
i went to Jones and Shoon this pm in a last min " do i keep the talamores or not" panic.

Lizzylou Fri 16-Oct-09 19:41:58

Eldon, I am broad and have a big bust, it fits me fine, least I think it does....

CybilLiberty Fri 16-Oct-09 19:48:06

Oh no Muster don;t say you are having second thoughts. it's a nightmare innit? Perhaps bulldog clips are the answer......

wahwah Fri 16-Oct-09 20:01:14

Too spooky! I started the Next Tall thread a few minutes before this one because I liked the look of this dress in grey. I normally can't see anthing I luke in Next, so I was a bit surprised at this dress and the price. There's another fab one too, but I'm selfishly keeping that one for myself.

I just hope this doesn't mean I'll become a Boden / Fly London / Toast/ White Stuff (basically and concession in John Lewis)wearing Mumsnet clone!

GhoulsAreLoud Fri 16-Oct-09 20:03:56

There's another fab one, but you're not going to tell us? Shame on you wahwah angry

MusterMix Fri 16-Oct-09 20:05:01


EdgarAllenPoo Fri 16-Oct-09 20:10:06

good if you don't mind your arm being cut off at an unflattering point (if you are like me and not like the model wrt top arm.)

wahwah Fri 16-Oct-09 20:10:24

Course I will! Need to get downstairs to computer to post link as takes too long to search site on iPhone.

GhoulsAreLoud Fri 16-Oct-09 20:13:16


EldonAve Fri 16-Oct-09 20:14:08

Lizzylou - It fitted fine, maybe I got a duffly cut one but I just don't want to show 2 inches of the side of my bra to the world

wahwah Fri 16-Oct-09 20:20:27

This is the other one I liked, although it may not be everyone's cup of tea. I thought it would do day to night really well. Get me, as if I ever do 'day to night'! Day to sleep more like.

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