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Another jeans question...nothing fits! Odd body shape (?)

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rubyblueslippers Fri 16-Oct-09 17:53:20

I'm sure you are all sick of jeans questions but here goes...

I must have about 15 pairs of jeans but nothing fits properly!

I am a size 10 normally. I have some Next skinny jeans (size 10) which are too big; some Levis and Replay size 8s (far too small- eBay beckons) and various other pairs which don't look great- too baggy or too tight (Firetrap 10s too tight at waist.)

I have no waist, stumpy legs and a bit of post-baby overhang. Flat bum. (Nice, eh?) Thunder thighs.

Will anything fit me properly? I cannot bear to go shopping so online only, please (probably asking for trouble.) The only thing that hs come close is the White Stuff Garland jeans (I may have got the name wrong.)

Any ideas? I would try Gap Long and Lean but they are not avaiailable on line, are they?

I don't mind paying a bit of money if they fit OK.

Thanks! :D

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