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Inspiration needed for short fat ( but not as fat as i used to be) mum! clothes for posh do!

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mrspink27 Sun 12-Jun-05 14:47:09

dh has a corporate event to attend at the royal academy in london (get him!) and i can go to!!! hurray....
downside is it is a cocktail/black tie do! eeek!

i am 5'1 and a very odd shape at the moment... just used some measurements from monsoon and according to that i am a 14 bust, 18 waist and 16 hips.... hmmm bit of a mixture really!

any suggestions would be gratefully received as i hate trawling the shops and invariably come home feeling very very depressed...

thanx very much everyone.

lunachic Sun 12-Jun-05 15:20:30

principles petit range sell seperates to mix and match and is available online
good luck finding something hope you enjoy the 'do' !

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