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Worried I look like a lumpy stump :(

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littlelozz Fri 16-Oct-09 11:58:06

Need help ladies please
Got these boots yesterday boots and love them ( I think) was shopping with my ultra treny friend who said they looked great and were really good with the skinny jeans I tried on. Got home and hubby says 'oh they are long!' in reference to the boots. See Im only 5ft Im now panicking that Im too short for these boots?
They go to just on my knees and Im thinking maybe they are a little on the long side.

I really want boots to wear over jeans and that I could also wear with a sort of jumper dress or tunic? Iv just had DD2 and feel so bored with my jeans, trainers and jumpers and in dire need of fashion make over!

I think £60 ish is my limit but does anyone have any ideas what I should go for being a shortie? Knee high too much or calf lenght boots the way to go? No heels either as really want to be able to wear during the day and glam up for night.

Thanks ladies x x

traceybath Fri 16-Oct-09 12:54:19

As a fellow shorty I share your concerns.

I've actually gone for mid-calf this winter for tucking boots into and do think they lengthen my legs.

I think knee high have to be about an inch under your knee or they do look too long.

Perhaps you need more of a biker boot style?

littlelozz Fri 16-Oct-09 12:59:28

Ah Im not alone!

I was thinking mid calf but looking at them (and not trying on) I was worried I would look too short but I think Ill give them a go. I suppose mid calf ones would look better too with dresses?

Off to search the net now

Thanks for the reply x

tulpe Fri 16-Oct-09 13:02:06

TBH, if your legs are in proportion to the rest of your body I don't see why long boots would make you look any shorter hmm.

But then I'm 5'6" so perhaps not best placed to make a judgement!

I like those boots though. Think they would look fab with the things you are suggesting wearing with them.

littlelozz Fri 16-Oct-09 13:06:24

Its just from the knee to my waist that I suppose looks daft as the boots go to my knee - I looked ok in the dark jeans as you couldnt really see the difference but with my light denim jeans I just think I looked daft

Really do love them though just wish they were that teeny bit shorter

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