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Today for the first time ever....

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LibrasBiscuitsOfFortune Fri 16-Oct-09 06:34:58

I am going to wear skinny jeans, yy I know I am late to the party, but I don't agree with skinny jeans and I don't think they are flattering to anyone but the ones who could get away with a binbag. BUT I have a sweater dress that needs something underneath so I have bought a in the sale pair of dark denim jeans and having shown my extremely honest DH who didn't fall to the floor screaming "my eyes, oh my poor eyes" so today I am going to brave the world. I will be wearing them with this jumper in grey

and these boots

I am wondering how long it will take me to decide I look like a pratt and run screaming home to change....

Wish me luck.

FlightAttendant Fri 16-Oct-09 06:39:04

i think you are going to look lovely smile

leolantern Fri 16-Oct-09 06:39:08

good luck.
I am sure you look lovely!

cocolepew Fri 16-Oct-09 08:02:04

I like your boots envy
You'll look lovely smile

CybilLiberty Fri 16-Oct-09 08:02:15

Oh just get on with it grin

CybilLiberty Fri 16-Oct-09 08:02:38

P.s how skinny are boots around leg (boot obsessed)

brimfull Fri 16-Oct-09 08:05:14

nice outfit

Doyouthinktheysaurus Fri 16-Oct-09 08:15:48

Hope you don't live near me Libra, I'm wearing almost exactly the same outfit as you will be. I have that jumper on in pink and skinnies.

Therefore, I think you will look fabgrin

Just walk with confidence.

LolaLadybird Fri 16-Oct-09 08:50:37

I am v envious of that outfit (in fact I may go sniffing out the jumper at M&S tomorrow!). I really do have legs that are way to chunky for skinny jeans or for the tucked-into-boots look but in another life (or body!) I too would be wearing that outfit!

LibrasBiscuitsOfFortune Fri 16-Oct-09 10:27:50

Thank you for all your kind comments

CybilLiberty I have chunky calves so these are fitted on me with skinny jeans under them. If you have dainty calves then they will be like wellie boots on you.

It's all about the confidence....

Jajas Fri 16-Oct-09 10:35:48

Lovely outfit and wow those boots are fab!

overmydeadbody Fri 16-Oct-09 10:37:13

You will look lovely.

sweetheart Fri 16-Oct-09 16:03:46

I too have recently purchased my first pair of skinnies (well these jeggins or whatever they are called) and I will be gicing them their first outing this weekend. I am rather large of thigh and bottom so hopefully I won't feel too exposed! Mine will be paired with a long tee and cardigan and some high heeled slouchy boots. ekkkkk!

LetThemEatCake Fri 16-Oct-09 17:27:28


how did it go?? bet you looked great.

It took me ages to get my head around skinnies. I couldn't commit the ££ to something that I thought I'd chicken out of (am also large of thigh) so I warmed up to it with an £8 pair from Primark and made a few small excursions in them, just gauge reactions. Once I'd had a few compliments, I upgraded to £40 ones from Topshop.

However, these no longer fit after having had dc3 three weeks ago ... so back to Primark I went .. another pair of £8 jobbies (in a larger size) because I don't want to spend money on something I'll only be wearing for a few months weeks until the baby weight melts off .....

LetThemEatCake Fri 16-Oct-09 17:28:00

just to gauge reactions

moondog Fri 16-Oct-09 17:46:49

Great boots.

LibrasBiscuitsOfFortune Fri 16-Oct-09 19:29:53

Well no-one ran away screaming, but tbf my audience was pensioners and mums with children under 5 (I was at Wisleys Autumn festival). My friend did say she liked my jeans!

I was surprised about how comfortable they were and also I liked how I could eat cake and not worry about holding my stomach in
I have to say, I may be a convert just for that reason! I still don't think the look is particularly flattering, I think it makes me look bigger than I actually am but not necessarily in a bad way. It's very different to how I usually dress, think hoodies, t-shirt jeans and trainers!

Congrats on DC3 LTEC.

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