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Best maternity purchases from the US?

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dairymoo Thu 15-Oct-09 19:39:31

I have just found out that I am PG so not showing at all at the moment, however, I have the chance to do some shopping in the States soon and was wondering whether there are any maternity shops / items that I should look out for...?

I normally stock up on Gap basics (tanks, plain t's etc) when I'm over so can buy some more of those, but wondered whether there are any great jeans that I should be aware of - as they might be considerably cheaper stateside.

Broke Thu 15-Oct-09 22:06:44

With the current exchange rates you'd be better off buying GAP in Manchester or one of the bigger stores, there won't be many bargains.

dairymoo Fri 16-Oct-09 01:48:16

Exchange rate is actually quite a bit better than it's been for the last few months...sadly nothing like it was eighteen months ago though. Also, GAP is often the same price (or similar) in dollars as it is in pounds.

There must be some other cult maternity buys out there though - anyone have any suggestions?

Bunkups33 Fri 16-Oct-09 02:18:35

Hi dairymoo I am living in the US at the moment. I would try Target - big shop selling everything from clothes to furniture and good for basic maternity wear.

Actually I was not that impressed with higher end maternity stuff but it depends on where you are going - we live in a place sadly lacking in decent shops!

Big department stores will have maternity wear and yes try gap. The exchange rate is not great but it will still be cheaper I think.

QuietlyTTC Fri 16-Oct-09 07:55:43

Old Navy
Motherhood Maternity
A Pea in the Pod
I think JC Penney has some stuff

roary Fri 16-Oct-09 09:38:23

The selection at Gap Maternity in the big US stores is WAY better than here - I had a very depressing browse round Gap in Oxford St a couple weeks ago and there was nothing

Even with the less favourable exchange I find that clothes are just cheaper in the US, so you still get some bargains.

Old Navy maternity is also great. Depends on what you're looking for. I also know if you're going to splash out on some high-end maternity jeans, ie Seven for All Mankind, they will be much cheaper in the US than here.

malfoy Fri 16-Oct-09 20:42:14

Another vote for Old Navy and Motherhood Maternity. I think Liz Lange also designs for Target.

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