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anyone seen any flat black or brown suede boots

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southeastastra Thu 15-Oct-09 18:49:47

nothing flash and with just a plain sole? i think it's impossible. Not uggs though!

Lulumama Thu 15-Oct-09 18:50:35

matalan. got some black , flat , faux suede boots there last week, they're mid calf length with three buckles up the sides

southeastastra Thu 15-Oct-09 19:25:48

wonder if i have a matalan nearby! will have a google

LibrasBiscuitsOfFortune Thu 15-Oct-09 20:18:40

I have some from Jones the Bootmaker, they are a few years old but they may still do that style.

stickylittlefingers Thu 15-Oct-09 20:24:28

I have some from M&S - they're very comfy and my walking to work shoes. Their footglove range.

southeastastra Thu 15-Oct-09 20:36:12

oh will have a look sticky, mine are originally from jones too libras but they're wearing out now

stickylittlefingers Thu 15-Oct-09 20:51:34

these but in black

fishie Thu 15-Oct-09 21:03:03

they're nice sticky.

stickylittlefingers Thu 15-Oct-09 21:31:45

thank you! They are extremely comfortable (I have funny shaped feet!). And despite what one of the reviewers said, they look quite nice and trendy with a skirt, and fit well with trousers. I got them 20% off. So I like them very much!!

southeastastra Fri 16-Oct-09 08:06:08

that's exactly what i mean thanks! will look

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