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Bra size nightmare!

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poshsinglemum Wed 14-Oct-09 21:51:23

I decided to measuer my cupp size again as my bosoms are spilling out of my old dd bras.

SO I measured below the bust. Got an odd number and so added 5 inches.

Then I measured around the fullest area of the cup.

I took the below the boob measurement away from the cup size.

So basically I am fatter but with a smaller cupsize than before dd. sad

I'm sure this can't be right. There is no way my cup size has gone down., They are ginormous. And I am not feeling smug because I can no longer do up any of my pretty dresses due to my pair.

Am I doing this right?

poshsinglemum Wed 14-Oct-09 21:52:21

dd not as in daughter but as in cup size dd.

MinkyBorage Wed 14-Oct-09 21:55:32

no idea how to do it yourself, but are you anywhere near a rigby and peller or selfridges? M & s are crap at bra fitting. If you're nowhere near a decent bra fitter, then why don't you try on a load of different sized brasd, and work on the premis that you (by the sounds of things) probably need a larger cup size and smaller back size than you think

fishie Wed 14-Oct-09 21:58:49

below boob size measurement is your band size. cup size very roughly is 1 cup for each inch. but there is a capacity issue, so a wider band means a smaller cup and vice versa.

go to a nice shop and try on loads.

ruddynorah Wed 14-Oct-09 22:02:22

you don't add 5 inches. you don't add anything.

scroobiuspirate Wed 14-Oct-09 22:02:51

what are you under bust, and around fullest part?

i am in a rush right now, but used to work for Rigby and peller, plus there are lots of threads about fitting on here if youdo a search. Just type Rigby and Peler in the search thing, i am normally on bra threads under pirate guises!!

NorktasticNinja Wed 14-Oct-09 22:03:23

Nah, you're just measuring wrong grin

The measurement under your bust is the band size and the difference between the band and the boob measurements. One inch = one cup size.

BUT, the size you get from measuring is just a guide, there is a massive difference between differnt brands and styles. The band should be tight so that it supports most of the weight of your breasts, most women wear an band that's for too big.

The adding inches thing isn't necessary, the industry standard changed a long time ago. Some shops (inc. M&S) still apply it hmm

Bravissimo are good.

scroobiuspirate Wed 14-Oct-09 22:03:32

Rigby and Peller

NorktasticNinja Wed 14-Oct-09 22:05:24

x fishie!

Forgot about the vital capacity thing blush. One band size up is one cup size down capacity wise. So, a 34 D has the same cup capacity as a 36 C.

psycho1 Wed 14-Oct-09 23:02:44

You need to try on.
I used to be a 34A, then I grew to a 34B and now I find that my true size is really a 32C! I measure about 31 under the bust and 34-35 round the fullest part. I thought that 32 band size was tight, but afterwearing it for a while it feels fine and the whole bra seems to fit better.

BTW I am happy with M&S but maybe they cater better for small boobs?

poshsinglemum Wed 14-Oct-09 23:09:52

Thanks all. I got the adding 5 inch idea from the internet. Will try R and P.

busybeingmum Wed 14-Oct-09 23:29:04

Message withdrawn

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