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Ideal pregnancy wardrobe - sorry if it's been done before

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UnrequitedSkink Wed 14-Oct-09 21:38:56

Last time I was pregnant (6 years ago) I looked like a rotund scarecrow. In fairness, we had very little money, but I think I could have planned my wardrobe a bit better rather than wandering around in a mismatched assortment of DH's clothes, a stretchy purple dress and a couple of pairs of trousers from H&M.

This time it's all going to be different. Oh yes. I am going to be serene and lovely in a capsule wardrobe, which I will cleverly accessorize with an assortment of scarves, beads things. Bags? So, what do I need then? What did you have in your maternity wardrobe that worked with everything?

PS - still don't have a huge budget, so sensible suggestions please!

PPS - I have a pair of vintage cowboy boots that I really want to wear a lot at the moment...

LetThemEatCake Wed 14-Oct-09 22:59:02

congrats on your pregnancy!

I'm not that useful for advice as I am lousy with budgets and have just had dc3 (so was mostly preg over the summer, not that relevant to you) but Topshop maternity jeans are good (about £40)

Also, maybe look for a knit dress in an empire line style that you can wear over leggings/ tights with your boots?

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