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HELP!!! I need a decent bra!!!

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BumpyMo Wed 14-Oct-09 20:42:40

Hi everyone,
I'm in desperate need of some help, I'm a 25 year old mum of 2, (3yr old and 9 month old) and I'm having so much trouble finding a decent bra!! I've never been particularly 'big ' chested, (I used to wear a 34c) but then after breastfeeding both of my daughters for approx 8 months each, my boobs seem to have totally lost shape and I feel that they are saggy too!! My breasts got quite large throughout the pregnancies and with dieting afterwards, I think they are just stretched as I'm sure thousands of mums experience. Its just that I'm still young and am getting more and more concious of my boobs and just cannot find a bra that fits. I've been re-measured approx 3 times recently and all say I'm around a 30/32DD which sounds big but its not!! But when I try the bras on, they don't seem to give me any 'lift', I don't get any cleavage and always seem to still have 'gaping' bits near the top of the cup. I was advised to go for balconette bras rather than padded but still don't feel happy with the results. Please please is there anyone who knows what I'm going through and that knows of any decent bras that actually work for mums with my dilemma??!!!!
Thank you so much,
Vicky x

sagan Wed 14-Oct-09 20:44:05

You need a balconette bra. And avoid M and S like the plague, they are shite. Go to Debenhams and try on one from Freya or Triumph

fishie Wed 14-Oct-09 20:46:14

if you are going to bravissimo try panache there, not the ones with leaves on but the eliza model.

i have a very similar problem, a wide ribcage so not much cleavage = balconettes are a bit sad at the top. i find half of it is fit rather than measurement anyway.

john lewis will sort you out.

SpookyAlice Wed 14-Oct-09 20:47:50

I am the same age as you, and have rather large boobs. I found it very hard to find big bras that fit and didn't look grannyish and gave my boobs a decent shape. I tried everywhere. La Senza were really helpful but had nothing that fit, and so i went to John Lewis. I got one Freya bra and one Fantasie bra (both about £25 each) They give my boobs a great shape, support them really well but don't squish them together, and my boobs now look better even without a bra on.

Hope that helps smile

BumpyMo Thu 15-Oct-09 10:23:38

Thank you all for the advice, I know Im proberly making a big deal over nothing, but it just gets me down that I'm not happy with my boobs and how they look!! Its also even more frustrating that I can't get a bra that I'm happy with and lets face it, they're not cheap either!!! I'll have to take another trip out and maybe try plenty of different brands, styles etc. I've tried Debenhams so will maybe give John Lewis a go next!! Let me know if you find any other bras that I should give a go!!!!!
Thanks again ladies x x

psycho1 Thu 15-Oct-09 11:02:59

sorry to disagree ladies but my best bras are M&S push up underwired T shirt bras for £12. I am a 32 C/32B and they give great lift and cleavage- cups are cut away like half cups but not balconette.

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