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Have I left it too late to organise some outfits for this weekend?

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TracyK Wed 14-Oct-09 18:47:45

Am coming down to London and want to travel lightish.

Saturday - shopping, dinner at night - 2 outfits?
Sunday - shopping - same outfit as shopping Saturday.

Mon & Tues - working in office - outfit 3?

I'm 43, 5' 11 and a size 16. I'm panicking now - I have nothing to wear!!

I have a nice military black waistcoat that I'd like to include.

Jeans/black trousers?? I fancy leggings but have never worn them and although have toned legs - they are by no means skinny - more muscly iykwim.
Leather jacket and boots (need to buy) - but would love.

Anyone seen anything lush?

Jewelsandgems Wed 14-Oct-09 19:53:08

If you are planning of trying on any clothes whilst shopping then wear something that is good for that purpose: I.E I find a long sleeved T and a dress over works well (easy to take off, long sleeved T can be tried under garments or removed.

I wear with leggings (again easy to remove and great for trying on any tunics/dresses) cos if you wear jeans and boots, to be constantly tucking in jeans to boots each time just gets annoying, and makes one very hot)

Good long sleeved /t for layering (and honastly, looks way better than on website)
top comes in lots of colours

Great dress oasis shift dress but there are quite a fwe nice dress much cheaper at next (select leggings collection, this shows leggings plus some nice dresses)

And shoe-wise, some that are easy get on/off, are super comfy, but are ok looking.

For leather jackets perhaps All Saints? For boots, I am a Fly London addictee right now grin and this I blame on mnet S&B

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