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Make Up Brush Cleaner

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Kayzr Wed 14-Oct-09 17:43:54

Where can I get a good make up brush cleaner?

Our local Boots and chemist don't sell it. I can sense it having to be a trip to the nearest city.

Are there any to look out for and any to avoid?

cocolepew Wed 14-Oct-09 17:49:52

I just use soap and water.

LowLevelWhingeing Wed 14-Oct-09 17:51:36

Shampoo or antibacterial hand soap?

sugardumpling Wed 14-Oct-09 17:55:30

Don't waste your money I just use baby shampoo or anti bac wash

Kayzr Wed 14-Oct-09 17:57:49

I normally use soap and water but it takes ages for the make up brush to dry. I had read you could get quick drying ones.

cocolepew Wed 14-Oct-09 17:58:30

I do it at night then stick in on the radiator or in the hot press.

LowLevelWhingeing Wed 14-Oct-09 17:59:10


Kayzr Wed 14-Oct-09 18:05:04

I think I will just start drying them with the hairdryer.


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