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I need an overhaul, but after having kids I just don't know what I LIKE anymore!

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citybranch Tue 13-Oct-09 20:55:42

Hi.. I'm a 26 year old mum of two, I used to be into fashion and beauty but since children I have found it has slipped way down on the list!
Actually, it probably started slipping before that.. I'm a train driver who wears a uniform so the fashion thing tends not to matter at work either!

This has really been getting me down recently, and I've found myself turning down invites to nights out because my (childless) friends are impossibly trendy! Even my best mum friend who I also work with seems to keep up and look great.

I just end up wearing a plain top and ill fitting jeans, no makeup and unruly hair - I'm in my 20s, what an embarrassment!

Anyway, I am taking action! Had laser eye surgery a week ago and now it is time for a whole new me. I need some help!

I'm 5 foot 6 (ish) a size 10 but very wobbly belly..I look 3 months pg.
Boobs used to be my best point but have shrunk.
Used to wear skinny jeans/rock chick look but thighs are a bit big!
Longish hair which is mousey but I dye blonde.
Years of flat train driving boots have made my feet kind of flatten and now I can't wear any heels.

I would love some fashion suggestions, I'd love a well put together look. I live in a silly WAG Essex town and although that look is not me, I'd like to walk down the street and not be shown up by the immaculate schoolgirls! Any ideas?

I have tried magazines and looking around shops but I feel so strange in there now, I can't seem to trust my instinct on what is good and what is bad for me? Help!

Do you have a good friend whose opinion you trust? If so plan a day when you can both go shopping together - and this is the important bit - WITHOUT children. Don't put pressure on yourself to buy anything that day just wander around the shops trying on things you like and seeing if you can get back your sense of what you like and what looks good on you (this is where the friend can help). If you can book a make-up appointment with a Bobbi Brown counter they tend to do more subtle makeovers, it should be free and you don't have to buy anything but then can give you some pointers.

We can sit here and type well blah blah blah is in fashion and blah blah blah might suit you but we don't actually know what you look like or what your lifestyle is like and, more importantly you need to find a look that you are comfortable with (forget the WAGS!)

citybranch Tue 13-Oct-09 21:12:36

I have considered going around the shops with my closest friend, I think the thing which puts me off is that her husband earns a lot of money and she has learned to love the more expensive end of fashion, she is also quite pushy and I suppose I'm worried I'll be co-erced into spending a bomb!

But you are right, I do have one stylish ex-flatmate who I would trust. I don't see her much but I might ask...

Good tip about Bobbi Brown though! I did have a makeover in Benefit once and she covered me in glitter! Kids were covered in it by the end of the day!

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