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What do you all think about this NW3 range at Hobbs?

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squeaver Tue 13-Oct-09 16:38:29

lolol at the names "heath coat" "Kenwood parka".

don't think I've ever seen anyone in Hampstead wearing anything like this

But quite like this dress

and these trousers

All pretty pricey though.

squeaver Tue 13-Oct-09 17:07:51


MissWooWoo Tue 13-Oct-09 17:09:24

I really like the heath jacquard coat but alas too £££ for me.

The fenton trench is beauuuutiful <sigh>

MissWooWoo Tue 13-Oct-09 17:20:43

I'm not feeling the bags at all but am drooling over the fenton brogues

MissWooWoo Tue 13-Oct-09 17:24:38

eek! meant the fenton PLATFORM brogues of course. That'll teach me to try and MN and do dd tea at the same time!

MusterMix Tue 13-Oct-09 17:34:56

I worse some heeled brogues to scool today.
i got them in tk maxx two years ago in a strange fashion forward momemnt
they are very high
ddark grey and leather lined
wore them wiht treggings and me old boden contrast trim tunic

teh pupils approved

FlightAttendant Tue 13-Oct-09 17:38:41

LOVE the checked trews and dress if that's what you linked to

The jacquard coat is gorgeous.

Ooh. I see a spendnig session coming on.

FlightAttendant Tue 13-Oct-09 17:39:49

Not till the sale that is sad

fiercebadrabbit Tue 13-Oct-09 17:54:58

Not at all sure about the boy shorts and the riding pants hmm

To me the whole range is emperor's new clothes Hobbs and will confer instant dowdiness <fbr realises is wearing Hobbs boots she bought five years ago blush>

Sourdough Tue 13-Oct-09 18:12:47

Oh Squeaver.

I've not got any money.

Please refrain from such links. I have just mentally spent an easy couple of grand.

MaggieBehaveOutGuising Tue 13-Oct-09 18:16:20

what's the idea? is NW3 supposed to be cheaper or younger or just trendier?

janeite Tue 13-Oct-09 19:04:35

I like the feather dress but nothing else. A lot of it looks v Laura Ashley circa 1984-ish - tartan trousers fgs!!!

janeite Tue 13-Oct-09 19:06:30

Oh I like the acorn necklace too but I would be allergic to it.

squeaver Tue 13-Oct-09 19:15:32

It's Hobbs' spiritual home apparently...

Links aren't working properly. I like the flowery dress and tuxedo pants.

Boy shorts are hilarious. Riding pants are for trekking across the Heath, obviously, rabbit.

FlightAttendant Tue 13-Oct-09 20:04:52

I have got a pair of hobbs boots too, they were about 70% off, but have got a wide calf and a leather sole and I wore them once, felt stupid, and thought they would wear out really quickly.

So they are sitting here.

Does ayone know about lether soles? Are you meant to get a rubber sole fitted to protect the leather or something?

I can't increase my calves though anyway sadly.

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