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short nails - bright polish?

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angrypixie Mon 12-Oct-09 22:22:41

Is it OK to wear red (or similar) nail polish on short, but well manicured, nails? Or are brights strictly for talons only?
Discuss grin

angrypixie Mon 12-Oct-09 22:40:53


Bleh Mon 12-Oct-09 22:42:25

I personally prefer short/shortish nails in general. Looks much chicer than long talons (especially if going for the full on WAG French Manicure). Short nails like this

southeastastra Mon 12-Oct-09 22:42:48

yes, sometimes look better on shorter nails

Dalrymps Mon 12-Oct-09 22:42:56

I think it's ok, I do it anyway smile. I think bright colours look funky on shorter nails... Dark plum red is good too.

angrypixie Mon 12-Oct-09 22:44:39

Thanks MN jury.....I'm going in!

PS Do you remember when nail varnish had a ball bearing inside grin

wonderingwondering Mon 12-Oct-09 22:45:31

Short nails are definitely the best way to wear bright or dark nail polish, unless you are a glamorous older lady. Then long bright talons are OK wink

aquavit Tue 13-Oct-09 09:46:05

yes yes, bright and dark colours on short nails ONLY. Even on v glamorous old persons.

I have some very elderly Chanel polish with a ball bearing inside - it hasn't gone sticky so perhaps the ball bearing works!

boodeniites Tue 13-Oct-09 19:01:37

i am wearing Damson coloured polish just now i dont usually boter but it is so Autumnal and goes with all my clothes lovely oh i have very short bitten nails

MissWooWoo Tue 13-Oct-09 19:32:06

the shorter the nail the more outrageous the nail colour I say smile

browntrout Tue 13-Oct-09 19:33:27

Yes, short nails for bright/dark colours. If you have long nails you should stick to french manicure/pale colours -otherwise you look a bit vampish. Much prefer short nails for big and bold colours.

angrypixie Tue 13-Oct-09 19:42:52

I love you all, each and every one of you are my new best friends x x x

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