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You'd think with the amount of shopping I do that I would be sorted but..

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CHOOGIRL Mon 12-Oct-09 15:25:54

I'm off on holiday to Dubai in a couple of weeks so need some nice sundresses and shorts. Anyone know of any good sites that do year round holiday clothes. Like Heidi Klein - but hopefully less £££


LetThemEatCake Mon 12-Oct-09 15:57:35

Hi choogirl, have you seen (poss

Going to get the china choos finally??!!

eshermummy Mon 12-Oct-09 19:27:36

CHOOGIRL - Heidi Klein used to have a great sale section on their main site where I bought quite a lot of bargains last year. However, sadly I think they no longer have a clearance section.

I think this site is now where all the Heidi Klein sale stock goes to now. Discounts not as generous as they were but still some good buys to be had.

Am off to Middle East myself in 2 weeks so also been snapping up the odd bit.

I can also recommend these shorts. Outnet good for finding nice bits out of season - but am sure you already know that!!!grin

CHOOGIRL Mon 12-Oct-09 22:24:45

Thanks LTEC and Eshermummy will check them out. Are you going for the Grand Prix Eshermummy? We are and I can't wait.

eshermummy Mon 12-Oct-09 22:31:34

No, just a family hol - actually going to Oman rather than Dubai. In fact, didn't know about the GP till after we booked blush

CHOOGIRL Tue 13-Oct-09 10:28:52

What do you think of this one?

LetThemEatCake Tue 13-Oct-09 20:13:40

sorry to say, but it's a bit messy if you know what I mean. even if you ditch the belt, it's just a bit much with the print and the ruffle. Think you can find nicer.

Can I ask your opinion on a cardi by the way? How does this compare to the DKNY? Obviously I prefer to by from MW cos of the disc, (let me know if you find anything for your hols there, by the way, will sort it out) but is it as nice as the Cozy IYO?

CHOOGIRL Tue 13-Oct-09 20:23:57

Thanks. Wasn't sure about the ruffles either tbh.

The cardi is very similar to the DKNY and is also silk and cashmere so nice and warm. Only difference from what I can see is the length and neckline. (DKNY have that cowl thing going on). I would buy it.

LetThemEatCake Tue 13-Oct-09 20:35:09

nice one!!! thanks!

mean what I say about your holiday wardrobe btw - it's nae problem {smile]

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