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Help me find the right jeans please before I resort to <whispers> Per Una!.

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moosemama Sun 11-Oct-09 16:15:58

Ok ladies, I need your help. I have searched everywhere online and just can't seem to find anything.

This is my list:

1. I am a size 14 or very small 16 in some more designery ranges, but with a small waist that always has to be belted in.

2. I have shortish legs, but usually get away with a regular leg length.

3. I've now had 3 dcs, so low rise/hipsters are definitely off the menu.

4. I don't want anything too high waisted either, as I think they have a tendency to make your bum look big. Mid-rise/just below the belly button would probably be best.

5. I usually go for bootcut and/or boyfriendy/carpenter styles, but might be persuaded to go for a different shape as long as its not skinny (I have odd shaped legs and they looked terrible on me last time they were in fashion, which was over 20 years ago!)

5. I can't afford a designer pair at prices like Seven for All Mankind etc - budget is probably about £40.00 max, but would consider more for a really good quality pair.

Am I asking the impossible or can any of you lovely ladies help?

thatsnotmymonster Sun 11-Oct-09 16:22:19

I just got a lovely pair of dark denim boot cut jeans in Dorothy Perkins- they had loads of nice styles in. Mine were £15.

I got a nice pair last year in Miss Selfridge at Debenhams. I am bigger than you but like jeans not too low, not too high.

You could also try some of the designers at Debenhams- Star by Julian MacDonal or Rocha etc.

sugardumpling Sun 11-Oct-09 16:24:53

I second Dorothy Perkins, they are the only jeans that ever look nice on me, Im also a size 14/16.

moosemama Sun 11-Oct-09 16:32:11

Thanks, forgot about Dotty P's will go and have a look what they've got.

said Sun 11-Oct-09 16:33:27

Gap Long and Lean?

moosemama Sun 11-Oct-09 16:35:15

What are Gap long and lean? Are they for tall people or are they designed to make you look tall and thin?

said Sun 11-Oct-09 16:37:29

They're just bootcut style jeans - not for tall people. Slim on thighs. Waist is not low-rise. Very flattering. And always buy a size (at least) smaller in Gap.

peanut08 Sun 11-Oct-09 16:40:04

I second Gap long and lean. They come in all sizes and lengths but are so flattering and comfortable, just right on the waist too. I love mine and am going back for more smile

CybilLiberty Sun 11-Oct-09 16:40:21

Gap curvy, I am 14 but with long legs. They are flattering, have stretched a tiny bit but look a bit more boyfriendy now which is nice. Only £39. Come in different waist/leg lengths

I would not be able to get into a size smaller, not sure where that advice comes from!

said Sun 11-Oct-09 16:47:38

Gap jeans are massive. Cut for Americans after all. I'm a UK 12 and always have to buy UK size 10 for trousers/jeans in Gap

CybilLiberty Sun 11-Oct-09 16:49:24

I must be fat then

moosemama Sun 11-Oct-09 16:53:57

Hmm, sounds like I need to go into Gap and try a few pairs on. (I hate trying things on in changing rooms, such a pita when you've got a baby in a pushchair.)

Have looked at a few nice pairs on the Debenhams site now, a couple of pairs are in the sale, but its difficult to know how low the rise is without actually seeing them.

Any advice on the best shape for me. I am an hourglass shape with a big chest, long body, broadish shoulders and hips, fat full thighs and a small waist with shorter but not exactly short legs. Would the Gap curvy ones be designed to avoid that horrible waist gap you get at the back of a lot of jeans do you think?

moosemama Sun 11-Oct-09 16:55:59

Quite like the detailing on these Red Herring ones. But not sure if they look a bit low.

What do you think?

duckyfuzz Sun 11-Oct-09 20:12:40

I'd say gap cirvy rather than long and lean, I have just tried both and find the curvy a much better fit because they're higher waisted

TsarChasm Sun 11-Oct-09 20:15:08

I also think Dorothy Perkins jeans are a good fit too.

MaggieBehave Sun 11-Oct-09 20:17:59

Oasis... you ca't go wrong. I just walk in take my size and they always fit. They aren't low-waisted either. The zips are good and always stay up. I never have to do rinkydinks with the zips like on some of the cheaper (ok very cheap) jeans I've botught.

I think a normal pair of amber or scarlet jeans is 42£

bluebump Sun 11-Oct-09 20:17:59

I like Gap jeans too but actually I also love the £10 New Look ones as they do them in loads of different styles and they are pretty cheap.

MaggieBehave Sun 11-Oct-09 20:19:22

The zips on new look jeans are crap. It's so embarrassing to be pulling up the zip every half hour.

moosemama Sun 11-Oct-09 22:18:47

Thanks everyone. I think I will brave the changing rooms and try on some Gap ones. I never go in Oasis normally as it makes me feel really old blush but if I'm still not sure after Gap I'll take a wander over to Oasis and try to be brave.

Sorry I disappeared, ds1 started throwing up and having a bad stomach simultaneously. He has had a cough, sore throat and temperature since yesterday and am thinking now it could be swine flu. Only thing is, he was really really poorly back in July and we were sure he had it then. Suppose we'll never know for sure.

Looks like my shopping trip will have to be put off for a while though.

poshsinglemum Sun 11-Oct-09 22:23:01

I am so confused by the Gap jeans sizing. I too am a 14/16 and all the ones I tried on were tiny on me so either I got the wrong size or I am much, much fatter than I thought.

MaggieBehave Mon 12-Oct-09 10:56:00

moosemama, go and try on some Oasis jeans in a department store wehre they have a mixture of shops!

I think gap jeans are a bit boring. they have nothing on the pocket. not even a line. dull...

notyummy Mon 12-Oct-09 11:06:26

Gap Long and Lean. Have already 2 pairs of these but bought an indigo denim pair yesterday, and v flattering (am size 12 with quite big hips/bottom.) They were £38.85 so within your budget.

I think the sizing is quite big, but not as much as some others here - I could get into a 10, but it caused an unpleasant overhang, so I bought the 12 (which is slightly too loose)

The other ones that I have got that are flattering are Top Shop Skinny Flare. Interestingly I can fit into a 28 " (Size 10) in these!

moosemama Mon 12-Oct-09 11:24:26

Eek! Top Shop! Now I really do feel ancient in there! Lol

said Mon 12-Oct-09 13:28:44

I think I've just got no hips hence why I need to size down in Gap. I too bought size 12 L&L (by mistake) and they're too big - jeans stretch so I think it's best to by when feel a bit tight in changing room. I like teh fact there's nothing on the pockets.

OrmIrian Mon 12-Oct-09 13:31:36

I find GAP quite small when I first try them on but they are very stretchy and can be loose after wear. I like them mainly because they do extra long legs.

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