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Tops advice needed - mid-30's, size 8/10, no fashion-sense - what do you wear on a daily basis?

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JustBeBuffy Sun 11-Oct-09 09:38:20

Having had 2 DC in quick succession, I've got used to buying cheapy t-shirt type tops from Primark/Matalan/etc.

I've lost the baby weight (yey!) and now want to chuck out all those cheap/lost-their-shape tops and get some decent clothes.

I did get some nice 'blouses' (i hate that word though!) last summer which are now too big for me but i felt that i was at last getting a sense of 'style', now i'm back in boring t-shirts/long-sleeved t-shirts/crappy polo shirts, and i'm getting frustrated with my wardrobe.

Where do you buy your tops from? what do you wear? daily clothes, not evening/work (I'm a SAHM).

I don't mind spending some money (not loads though) for a few good bits that will last, but recent high st trips have proved fruitless (didn't like a thing in Next for eg) - don't think i like the current fashions.

Any ideas?

NorkilyChallenged Sun 11-Oct-09 10:15:04

Just marking my place as I am also mid-30s with 2 toddlers and a size 10. Will come back later today and do some links of things I've bought recently, when I decided to improve my wardrobe and stop living in tshirts/longsleeved t's from Tesco...

Now it's winter, long sleeved tops under nicer tunics (but not tooooo dressy) for day. H&M is great for different bits and pieces. Tunics from Joe Brown's (will link later).

I've had some great ideas/advice from browsing here in Style & Beauty though. Even my DP has noticed my increased interest in my own appearance/wardrobe (& that's saying something)!

JustBeBuffy Tue 13-Oct-09 20:49:32

Norks - thanks for replying (i've had a busy few days so not had a chance to reply).

Have been onto Joe Browns (not heard of them before) and bought some summer sale bits already! so thanks for that. have ordered catalogue so will wait for that to come and look at the winter stuff then.

I am unclear how to wear tunics tbh blush?!

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