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Not quite what I would have chosen...

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slipperthief Sat 10-Oct-09 19:02:45

Just seen my favorite tattoo of the year - a pair of puppy paw prints resting on a young lady's rather buxom bosom, just above her skimpy tee-shirt / bra line.

Couldn't help think it might put well put potential boyfriends off, or maybe I'm wrong and it'll attract them?

Have to commend the artwork though, very realistic paw prints.

Ledodgy Sat 10-Oct-09 19:05:57

Maybe it wasn't a tattoo and she just has a dirty dog?

slipperthief Sat 10-Oct-09 19:09:21

Not quite that realistic.

Megglevache Sat 10-Oct-09 19:10:25

There is a female rapper- American- who's name escapes me - she has that too.

FABIsInTraining Sat 10-Oct-09 19:10:51

I think it is your tattoo slipperthief. wink

CuppaTeaJanice Sat 10-Oct-09 19:11:13

Isn't that the singer Eve? I remember seeing them on that pirate ship video she did with Gwen Stefani!

Megglevache Sat 10-Oct-09 19:11:50

yep, memory still intact grin

slipperthief Sat 10-Oct-09 19:14:19

ooh, I'd chose something a little more classy if I ever got one.

slipperthief Sat 10-Oct-09 19:16:32

and I don't have a dog so it might seem a little random.

peanutbutterkid Sat 10-Oct-09 19:19:44

omg, that is sooo tacky. Is it meant 2 say "I love it doggy style?" Snurk.

slipperthief Sat 10-Oct-09 19:22:30

I'm glad I didn't think of that on the train, I really would have burst out laughing.

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