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has anyone done the long cardi slightly open with a belt

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NyeEve Sat 10-Oct-09 18:11:28

that makes me look a LEETLE likea scarecrow with booswams?
i like it.
i think it might suit those small of tit but heavy of thigh

VerityBrulee Sat 10-Oct-09 18:14:46

This is my new favourite look smile

Suits me as I'm short and have a waist.

NyeEve Sat 10-Oct-09 18:15:13

yes i have no waist so it seems I am belting under my tits

you may laugh

CybilLiberty Sat 10-Oct-09 18:15:38

yes yes yes. Did it last week, long grey cardi, navy stripe tee, wooden beads, navy wide leggs and brown brogues. I should DEF have been in The Sartorialist that day.

CybilLiberty Sat 10-Oct-09 18:16:10

Forget new gap brown belt which I looove and am spending on nicer accessories now that will last

sparklesandwine Sat 10-Oct-09 18:31:10

i'm intrigued what sort of look would this be? hmm

i need pictures!! grin

<<<wonders whether i might be able to pull it off....>>>

NyeEve Sat 10-Oct-09 18:54:04

i cant get eh brogue bit

NyeEve Sat 10-Oct-09 18:55:34

its very kew
here this kind of cardigan with a med width belthere with the cardigan NOT done right toegether

CybilLiberty Sat 10-Oct-09 18:59:40

do you wear boots then with yours...the Boots?

cornsilk Sat 10-Oct-09 19:01:20

I do it. I likes it I does.

NyeEve Sat 10-Oct-09 19:02:01

ah ye snow the boots arrived today int eh right size. Blocky heel means are very comfy.
I have just spend 20 mins in bedroom secretyl( for fear of dh!!) trying on outfits.

they are chestnut with a kind of black tinge to em, almost like you have had a run in with a black shoe polish
look nice with purple - and less predictable than black.

NyeEve Sat 10-Oct-09 19:03:17

ODDLy on the site the colour looks a bit placcy fake, Is much nicer in rl

i think cyb thy are " the one"

NyeEve Sat 10-Oct-09 19:04:36

..also re cardis
I like the waterfall cardi look a LOT on others - that too looks crap on me. Think you need NO boobs for that

cornsilk Sat 10-Oct-09 19:05:53

I like to have a belt. Couldn't wear a waterfall, it would get in my coffee etc.

janeite Sat 10-Oct-09 19:08:00

Waterfall cardigans v v bad on boobage or shorties.

What are these boots of which you speak?

Is that Kew cardigan (lovely btw) REALLY worth 65 squid?

NyeEve Sat 10-Oct-09 19:11:27

..prob not worth it, But nice and plain isnt it. i got a cas cardigan in marks last w/e and its really nice andhalf the price but def not " smart" .
boots are duo talamore - look SOS ( shit on site)

janeite Sat 10-Oct-09 19:13:20

Link to M&S one please? I am still without a new cardigan despite my enormous recent thread on the subject.

janeite Sat 10-Oct-09 19:14:09

Boots are v v nice indeed btw.

NyeEve Sat 10-Oct-09 19:14:13

i cant find it.
It was in the sale I think. was £35 wool and viscos emix so it doesnt bag.
black and was it navy? really plain.

CybilLiberty Sat 10-Oct-09 19:15:40

So pleased you and your boots have finally found each other! I am still managing with the ones Ive got...but MUST buy soon.

Everyone knows I am boot obsessed. Couldn't work on friday as ds ill, when I phoned in, my Head said 'But you won't get to see my new boots'

NyeEve Sat 10-Oct-09 19:15:49

think am all sorted now for work and for leeeshur.

CybilLiberty Sat 10-Oct-09 19:16:36

I ahve black waterfall ruffle fronted cardi from <cough> QVC

cornsilk Sat 10-Oct-09 19:17:29

ooooh QVC - what make? Am QVC beauty addicted.

eshermummy Sat 10-Oct-09 19:17:44

I do the long cardi open with a belt thing.
If you have boobs (me sadly not really no more) then I think a slightly better look is big boyfriend cardi with low-ish scoop neck underneath, don't do buttons up but wrap around self as if was wrap dress and then wide waist belt on top - wrap around V shape on top half much better for a cleavage. You sort of have to grip cardi with your elbow whilst holding belt in teeth to get it really tightly wrapped grin

There is a mum at school gates who does good waterfall cardi but I do find them a bit old for me, esp the ones that are a bit frilly

CybilLiberty Sat 10-Oct-09 19:17:52

Nye does that mean you won;t be on these threads anymore

yeah, right

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