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Comfy funkyish heeled jeans boots for bunionned shortie .... mission impossible?!

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Callipo Fri 09-Oct-09 22:16:56

Help me wise ones! I am FIVE whole feet tall (count em), but fancy (with my current beam width) that I cut a bit more of a dash at 5ft 2". Also then can wear off the peg jeans etc without taking them up. But I have dastardly bunions and two small DCs. I have lived in FLY Yedi shoes all summer - feel like slippers but a nice rubber wedge heel. Now I need winter boots with about 2 inch heel that are super comfy to spend all day every day in. If boots good, then price not too much of an issue. Usually a wedge heel works best for me. Ideally with some of the wedge under the forefoot so that they are not too slopey IYSWIM. I like a bit more of a funky/sporty look than riding boot/sophisticated.Does such a thing exist? Could it also look not too dreadful? Help me Ladies!!

puddinmama Fri 09-Oct-09 22:41:06


I just got a pair of fly leap ankle boots am so in love with them right now, prettiest boots i have ever seen and they have a 2 in heel am also 5 ft tall

i dunno how to link check them out on amazon

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