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BODEN Tunics - anyone got either of ....

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eshermummy Fri 09-Oct-09 21:53:28

this wool/jersey tunic in the black/grey

or this merino one in brown with purple trim?

Any thoughts/feedback on sizing/fit? Do they hang nicely?
Bit worried that maybe the scoop neck on the colourblock one will be too low - anyone know?

I don't normally "do" boden, in fact I normally actively avoid - but I need long tunics to wear with leggings and boots and a lot of what I have seen elsewhere is either too cheap and flimsy or too hippy -ish. But worried these might be a bit staid/worky whereas I fancy myself a more of a trendy/edgey dresser blush.

PutDown Fri 09-Oct-09 22:19:29

Have ordered wool/jersey one in plum tonight,have the merino one in grey and black,haven't worn it yet but it is very nice.May return if I like the other one though...

chattermouse Fri 09-Oct-09 22:26:04

I have the merino ruffle in ink and pink. It is gorgeous. Hangs really well, though a generous cut so don't size up. I am an 8 on top and 10 bottom half. The 8 tunic is fine on me. So if you are bigger top half than bottom go with your top half size. It skims over bum and tum so hides lumps and bumps. Looks fab as a dress on its own with tights and boots. I love mine, really pleased with it. Had lots of admiring remarks too wink!

PutDown Fri 09-Oct-09 22:29:53

Am tempted to keep both tbh.
Will wear as dresses.

eshermummy Fri 09-Oct-09 22:40:36

ooooh thank you all - tis all sounding v positive.

So, what's the latest bestest money-off boden code then?? wink

Chattermouse/ Putdown - how tall are you both? Hadn't realised they could double as dresses.

Putdown - I like the sound of your combo - the plum jersey one does look really nice but then, like you, if I ordered and kept both of them then I would go for the black/grey merino one and I have sadly come to the conclusion that, much as I love it, black, particularly black wool drains me.

I've just this afternoon returned from a trip to return a black merino oversized sweater dress thing from Uniqlo which made me look like a dreary sack of spuds !!!

Sorry to say, am totally not digging the Uniqlo thing that everyone else is raving about on here.

NyeEve Sat 10-Oct-09 09:54:23

the uniqo sweater dress IS vile. looked bad on mate and me as well

Jagsy Sat 10-Oct-09 10:36:48

Have the merino one in brown, (first post baby expensive purchase imo) and love it, hides all lumps and skims over still pregnant looking tumblush. wore it on my birthday as a dress with tights and boots and hubby was most impressed!

chattermouse Sat 10-Oct-09 10:45:40

Am 5ft 9.5, so tall and it is not an indecent length on me as a dress. That said, dp did pinch my backside rather a lot when i last wore it grin.

in my post above i meant to say if your top half is smaller than bottom half go with your top half size as it is a loose fit on bottom half anyway. It looks nothing like a sack of spuds though. it's loose in a good, hide your lumps kind of way. Still shows off your overall shape though. Hope you get one and enjoy it!

PutDown Sat 10-Oct-09 11:40:57

I am only 5ft 3 so perfect length as dress.
Eshermummy,I dont know whether to swap the black Merino Ruffle one for the black/grey scoop neck winter one,IFYSWIM??
Will def keep purple one though.
Boden knitted dresses are too long on me,but t he tunics are perfect as dresses!

eshermummy Sat 10-Oct-09 19:08:44

PutDown - if I were you I would go for one in each style but not the same colourway - so if you are def keeping the purple scoop neck one then I'd go for the black/grey ruffle one.

I know that there is a school of thought that says if you really like something you should get one in every colour but ime you just get bored of it quicker as it feels like you're always wearing the same old iyswim - at least that's how I've felt whenever i've bought same styles in diff colours. Also, I think other people don't always notice the fact you've got a diff colour on so just think you always wearing the same thing! grin

NyeEve - pretty much everything in Uniqlo was vile I thought - cleverly styled on young Alexa Chung types in the photos but actually all a bit shapeless or very unforgiving colours. Shame as the quality of the merino etc seemed quite good. Have not seen any of the J+ stuff irl so don't know if the cut of that is any better.

bellissima Sat 10-Oct-09 20:13:01

I've got the 'easy winter' in black/grey - and for once DH said he liked! (as opposed to the bib one in grey which he announced made me 'look like a mormon').

PutDown Sat 10-Oct-09 20:43:42

I see what you mean,Eshermummy.
Will re try Merino Ruffle one ,haven't worn it yet as not cold enough and it still has tags on so could go back.Will try with black opaques and clarks purple patent mary jane's I think,also leggings and biker boots.
Don't usually wear black,so maybe am finding it a bit dull?

eshermummy Sat 10-Oct-09 20:49:07

What about the merino ruffle one on brown with purple trim then?
On reflection, sufficiently different to the berry scoop neck.
Totally with you on the black thing - have always worn a lot of black but recently feel it washes me out - think as I get older I need more colour near my face.

PutDown Sat 10-Oct-09 20:53:14

I looked at that one,Esher.Is the brown 'marl' effect,only that always looks a bit scruffy on me.Don't know why,and I love purple so would have it otherwise.

FrightsMonth Sat 10-Oct-09 21:12:23

cashmere one is lush in real life but £££ <awaits sale>

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