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Yet another boots & jeans 'help' thread!

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Millie1 Fri 09-Oct-09 21:24:57

I'm going shopping tomorrow grin but somewhat unsurprisingly I can't decide what I'm after.

I have one pair of good jeans for which I need to buy boots with a high heel so as I can wear them without ending up with 2 inches of moisture at the hem! I really like these although can't decide between brown & black. I do have black ankle boots which I can just about get away with heel-height-wise therefore would lean towards the brown.

I got these last year and they are the most comfortable and fabulous boots I have ever had - much admired! I've been wearing them under jeans and this winter want to wear them also with woolly tights and short-ish skirt.

However, I would also like to wear jeans tucked in but am worried that I'll stretch them and they'll look like wellies then with tights. Any thoughts here??

So, onto jeans ... after 3-4 years of wear, my old faithful Seven jeans are threadbare and I want to replace them. Do I need bootcuts or sraight-legs. Are straight-leg jeans slim enough to wear inside a boot? Don't want skinnies as they won't suit me!

If I can (some day) manage to 'invest' in the first Duo-link (Talamore), is wearing jeans inside a complete no-no?

Typing this, I think my main dilemma is what cut of jeans to wear both inside and over the Brindisi boots? Unless, of course, I'll wreck the boot legs by shoving jeans inside.

Oh what a rambling post but maybe someone can advise .... please!! grin

Besom Sat 10-Oct-09 09:57:54

IMO I think you really do need skinnies to tuck inside, which would look good with the pair you have already, but I'm not so sure about the first pair. Otherwise you risk bagging at the knees.

Have you tried some skinnies on with a long top/jumper dress and the boots? You might surprise yourself. I have avoided them up until now but I have a problem with jeans generally which is more to do with the fact that loads of them are low rise, which doesn't sit well on me. I tried some on in Oasis yesterday which were skinny and mid rise and they looked quite good. ( I only didn't buy them because they were fifty quid and I'm a bit skint).

If not, I would stick to the straights/bootcuts (whatever suits you best) and just, as you say, get nice dress or skirts to wear with tights and show the boots off.

Millie1 Sun 11-Oct-09 20:26:21

Thanks Besom! Ended up getting skinnies and they look really nice inside my boots. Great idea about longer knits ... bought a boden henley tunic a while back so must take it out of it's packet and try it with the jeans!

NyeEve Sun 11-Oct-09 20:47:13

have got talamore to wear with jeans in

bodycolder Sun 11-Oct-09 20:52:04

2nd pair are lovely first ones are a bit Next.

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