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Please help me decide what to do at the hairdressers tomorrow!

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eandh Fri 09-Oct-09 18:55:44

I have had all lengths of hair over the years I had a chin length bob (going upwards at the back) till beginning of year when I go tbored and started growing it, however, my hair is thin and very boring. I straighten it but its still gets knotty and looks like its just hanging there (its just below my shoulders at the mo) just can't decide what to do as I just wear it clipped up at the mo and did find teh bob quite easy to style but fancy a variation of it. I am fatter a size 16-18 and have quite a round face (few pics on profile)

Ps tomorrow is dh birthday so we are childfree for weekend and going out for meal with friends tomorrow night hence am having a lovely afternoon to have my hair cut/nails done minus the dd's

RubyBooBerry Fri 09-Oct-09 19:00:22

Sounds lovely! But I think your hair looks really nice now, it suits you. Maybe a couple of highlights in / more layers?

eandh Fri 09-Oct-09 19:12:45

thankyou - can't afford colour sad but maybe have a few inches to above shoulder - are layers easy to style as I find when I have had layers in past they seen to stick out at the back??

RubyBooBerry Sat 10-Oct-09 22:28:16

Layers are easy if you get some huge velcro rollers, if your hair is really long they're hard though! Hope your appt went ok.

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