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How to have a stylish pregnancy - the basics at least ?

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MillyMollyMoo Fri 09-Oct-09 11:35:58

Last time I wore my husbands fleeces and one pair of jeans I got in the sale hmm

Any advice for looking good day to day ?

rubyslippers Fri 09-Oct-09 11:38:58

good bra

decent black trousers

good leggings -these were my saviour

good jeans - over the bump ones

nothing with twee slogans on

Pinkjenny Fri 09-Oct-09 11:45:53

I am loving lone line cardigans at the moment too. Great to cover the bum area!

Pinkjenny Fri 09-Oct-09 11:46:10


Carrotfly Fri 09-Oct-09 11:47:24

Winter pregnancies are easier as you can wear more clothes.

I had a Isabella Oliver wrap top which I loved, some H&M trousers (deffo over the bump)and a wrap dress from Next which were my absolute favourites.

I felt really stylish. Infact the midwives all commented when I arrived at the hospital wearing my dress and knee length boots.

GeneHuntsMistress Fri 09-Oct-09 12:59:24

easiest way to look stylish (and feel comfortable to boot) is to always dress your bump. By that i mean wear something fitted and snug over your bump so that it stands out - like wrap tops/dresses or fitted maternity tops. ANything flowing and maternity smock-y just makes one look fat all over imo.

god i loved being pregnant and not having to suck the gut in all the time [misty eyed halcyon envy] wink

Jewelsandgems Fri 09-Oct-09 13:35:02

Agree 100% isabella oliver wrap tops are great (though you may end up flashing a bit of bump, as the fabric can move a little bit)

I had under the bump seraphine jeans, and H&M boyfit over bump jeans.

Think the jersey dress with footless tights/leggings looks great and is also comfortable.

mazzystartled Fri 09-Oct-09 14:26:06

I felt like I'd been mummified in those IO wrap tops. They look nice but only comfortable with a long vest on underneath IMO. Their wrap dresses are fab though. Topshop have some nice cheaper things too. Some patently ridiculous, but some not too young.

LittleOneMum Fri 09-Oct-09 14:42:38

I quite like asos maternity (online). some of the stuff is far too young but there are some really nice pieces.

Pinkjenny Fri 09-Oct-09 14:45:40

The asos stuff is nice but the sizing is quite small, and the women modelling it on the site are blatantly not pregnant, so it's hard to get an idea of cut. However, I think they've just started doing free returns.

GeneHuntsMistress - I bloody hate being pregnant. Feel like a big fat whale. Mucho kuodos to you for loving it!

sweetheart Fri 09-Oct-09 15:30:03

I think the best way to look stylish through pregnancy, especially through winter is to use accessories. Wear plain basic and quite fitted clothing and dress it up with jewellery, scarfs and some really nice winter boots.

sweetheart Fri 09-Oct-09 15:31:24

I think the best way to look stylish through pregnancy, especially through winter is to use accessories. Wear plain basic and quite fitted clothing and dress it up with jewellery, scarfs and some really nice winter boots.

DorotheaPlentighoul Fri 09-Oct-09 15:35:22

I love it too for the same reason as GHM: no need to try and suck in my belly -- quite the contrary, the more you emphasise it the better you look! Like a holiday from the fat-tum blues that otherwise cast a shadow over my enjoyment of clothes.

I am pg now and looking forward to getting a proper bump. Last time, was not very big until well after Xmas, but this time am going to need a coat, etc -- slightly dreading the expense of that.

MillyMollyMoo Fri 09-Oct-09 17:02:51

Thank you for the tips, I didn't get on with isabella oliver last time found it very small but that was 6 years ago.

* Good Jeans - Seraphina ?

* Black trousers - hopefully IO if there are any discount codes around

* am thinking Next for cheap tops and dresses ?

LadyoftheBathtub Fri 09-Oct-09 17:08:16

Well i'd hesitate to call myself stylish, but... I find some of the things that are working best for me this pg are not actual maternity wear. I have a white stuff wrap dress that's very stretchy and fits really well over the bump. A lot of my non-maternity tunic style knit tops and long cardies are perfect too. I wear them with maternity jeans from next which are good and pretty cheap, but think about getting a size down as they go very baggy. Also H&M are great for basics like long t-shirts and vests to go under the top layer.

GeneHuntsMistress Fri 09-Oct-09 17:19:50

Dorothea - that is it exactly! Could finally wear all the things i normally have to avoid because of (usually pregnant looking but now legtimately so) belly. And the best thing is, the more it sticks out the nicer everyone is to you and happier they all are. Wow. wish it was like that all the time......

Pink, i no doubt did look like a beached whale but in my mind i looked like Mrs Heidi Seal wink My mind is a nice place to be at times and especially so when pregnant grin

wahwah Fri 09-Oct-09 19:42:50

Agree with dressing bump. Also I found that a nice maternity jacket (last time got a great one from M&S) sharpens up whatever you're wearing particularly In the winter months. Good boots are a must and always wear makeup-nothing worse than pregnant and slovenly!

I found Hennes great for cheap but good looking tops.

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