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I need to spend some money - boots, shoes and a few skirts

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monkeysmama Fri 09-Oct-09 08:36:39

I am going to do some (on line) shopping today.

I am going to buy
- some knee high black boots
- some flat black ankle boots I can wear under jeans / trousers
- some skirts I can wear with the knee high boots

I bought a denim skirt from Warehouse but it made me look really lumpy hmm so I have returned it but can't find another one that I like. I am a size 12 with good long legs and am happy to wear short skirts. Happy to spend up to £45.

In terms of boots. I like these but am not happy with all the suede. I also like [[ d=1509&Rf-100=Boots&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=Black these a lot]] but am not happy with the silver logo part.

I want a pair of cowboy style boots that will fit under trousers with a reasonably slim leg. They have to be black and can have a block heel but not too high as I want them for park etc. Happy to spend up to £100 but would be happier spending less.

I don't like Duo boots, I am a size 7. They have to be black as I already have brown, grey and green.

Thanks anyone who can help.


monkeysmama Fri 09-Oct-09 08:37:22

Try link again Rf-100=Boots&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=20&sort=-1&clr=Black

monkeysmama Fri 09-Oct-09 14:29:12

Has anyone seen these in rl? Would they fit under trousers.

YouLukaAmazing Fri 09-Oct-09 14:37:18

Message withdrawn

monkeysmama Fri 09-Oct-09 15:08:36

Thanks. Maybe that puts me off too! Though I expect your mum's a very stylish & beautiful woman grin. I have never bought shoes (or much at all) from Next but saw someone link to them elsewhere.

I never thought I'd say it but I am getting bloody tired of trawling looking for boots!

YouLukaAmazing Fri 09-Oct-09 17:26:17

Message withdrawn

monkeysmama Fri 09-Oct-09 22:58:42

I did link to some Next ones but link seems to have gone. The Clean cowboy ones I think they were called.

No, I am online browsing now having had no joy earlier. I might just buy the Miss Sixty boots I linked to and see how blatant the name is.

I had a look at Fly and they're all a bit informal for me.

I am still looking anyway....

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