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Where's the best place for newborn baby girl clothes online?

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fastasleep Fri 10-Jun-05 09:39:31

That's it really, I'm so excited at the prospect of buying pink, but fate seems to be against me... DH naughtily swapped my credit card for the out of date one I hadn't bothered to chop up when I went shopping yesterday and I didn't half look like a fool at the check-out... I so have to get him back! I think a little online shopping beckons...

lunachic Fri 10-Jun-05 09:40:42

try vertbaudet have some lovely stuff for newborns and next too

fastasleep Fri 10-Jun-05 09:53:10

Thanks I was in Next when the embarrassment happened and definately have my eye on a lilac embroidered pinafore...

jamese Fri 10-Jun-05 16:47:22

Hi, here are a few of the sites I have used (this site is in USA, but with the exchange rate being so good and their sale items being so cheap really good value
And have recently bought stuff on Ebay - now that I have got over the shock of putting by DD is 2nd hand clothes (they are hardly jumble sale stuff - saves a packet!!)

Joseyjo Thu 16-Jun-05 13:18:21

fastasleep - i have just bought some cute stuff in the sale from bloomingmarvellous. it arrived yesterday. i deliberately bought neutral (to foil all my friends who keep snooping roung the nursery!!) but the did cute pink ones too. they look TINY, but i am assured they will fit a newborn. look at the nursery sale stuff for your bargains!!!

lmccrean Sat 25-Jun-05 16:33:48

ebay - honestly, you will get some great bargains, and you can get brand new stuff for very little money - just bought a brand new monsoon dress for a fiver for my dd.

NotQuiteCockney Sat 25-Jun-05 16:38:16

I've just got some lovely stuff from France, from Du Pareil au Meme. The site is in English, the clothes are H+M cheap, but Gap quality. (You can get a nice outfit for about 10 euros. And shipping from France isn't very pricy).

Anyway, they're here .

hoxtonchick Sat 25-Jun-05 16:39:18

ditto ebay. i too am excited about buying little girls stuff. poor ds, a parcel arrived this morning & he's so used for stuff being to him, & it was a bit of a shock when i pulled out tiny flowery garments....

Nbg Sat 25-Jun-05 17:19:05

La Redoute have some gorgeous stuff.

Also second Ebay.

I just buy all dd's stuff from H&M now. The prices are more than reasonable and they stay in condition after being washed a million times.
BUT... they don't have an on-line store

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