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Yes another boot thread, but I need your opinions

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seeyounexttues Thu 08-Oct-09 16:58:58

I'm undecided between pair 1 and pair 2

I have very specific needs.
Flat, for walking around London
Round toe (i have long toes, anything narrow rubs them)
Smart enough to wear to corporate business meetings with suits and occasionally dresses.

Not over £100 cos I don't have that much money. I do this search every year and last didn't find anything

NorkilyChallenged Thu 08-Oct-09 17:08:03

I quite like them both actually. I have hush puppies boots from a few years ago and they definitely are comfy and smart enough for work. However, they have a squeak in the heel that I didn't notice until the first time I wore them out of the house. Fine when you're out and about but a bit embarrassing round the office when you are squeaking like a rusty swing.

2nd pair bit more casual but still ok for work

seeyounexttues Thu 08-Oct-09 20:25:50

oh dear, squeaky boots!

I agree that the first pair are smarter and I like the detail on them. Also, they don't have a buckle, which, in the past, has brought the hem down on more than one pair of trousers!

CybilLiberty Thu 08-Oct-09 20:30:57

Pair 2 nicer, more expensive looking, could be designer

Themasterandmargaritas Thu 08-Oct-09 20:36:41

I much prefer pair 2. Not sure about wearing them with (skirt?) suits though...

traceybath Thu 08-Oct-09 20:46:59

Prefer pair 2 but not sure about with dresses/skirts for work.

PoisonToadstool Thu 08-Oct-09 20:49:01

The second pair, definitely.

cheeryface Thu 08-Oct-09 22:05:09

i prefer the first pair

Clary Fri 09-Oct-09 00:32:51

I like the second pair myself because simpler.

Would wear them to my work with a full skirt - any length from the knee down - but not with a suit type skirt, for that you need a heel (IMO)

seeyounexttues Sun 11-Oct-09 10:52:25

Thanks for your opinions

Agree that the second pair are simpler but I'm not keen on the buckle, so I'm going against the majority and go for the first pair.

Now I'll have to hunt to see where they are the cheapest!

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