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Please help my husband,

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newspaperdelivery Wed 07-Oct-09 19:19:42

We have DD2's Christening on Sunday. We are bored of his navy suit from ASda - hardly the height of style.

He lives in tshirts and combat trousers with converse trainers. He is 34, 5ft 10, 34 waist and 44 chest. He has a good figure actually, nice broad shoulders and very good posture.

He has massive thighs from cycling lots and lots and lots and lots, so boot cut and narrow fot look like lady trousers on him grin

What to wear?

Smart chino style things nad shirt and tie job? From where?

Am rather panicked at idea of dressing him so please save me smile

bishboschone Wed 07-Oct-09 19:26:17

Next is pretty good and reasonably priced. I saw in the womens section the other day that they did personal shopping so maybe they could help you. He sounds like he has s great figure so shouldn't be hard

newspaperdelivery Wed 07-Oct-09 19:33:27

Don't have personal shoppers for 80 miles which is a tart. WHat to put him in though - just a suit do you think?

VerityBrulee Wed 07-Oct-09 19:46:00

What are you wearing? If you're going to look dressed up, then he should to, if you're outfit is more relaxed then he could het away with nice trousers and smart shirt (personally I hate shirt and tie without jacket)

newspaperdelivery Wed 07-Oct-09 19:51:12

I am in Cath Kitson tea dress [navy with pink polka dots] and T-bar shoes. SO I could be with some one in full suit and tie or relaxed trouser/jacket/open smart collar combo.
My dress is anything from school run to wedding iyswim? It dresses up or down very easily. Love it smile
Thanks for the replies by the way!

VerityBrulee Am thinking no to shirt and tie with no jacket - just looks like office wear.

Any suggestions for nice trousers and smart shirt <<lost in shops lookin dazed>>

VerityBrulee Wed 07-Oct-09 21:09:40

What kind of shirt do you think he would wear? DH likes Paul Smith type stripes or floral patterns, if the fabric is good they can look smart, not casual. I'll have a look.

Do you live near a House of Fraser? Dh has some nice things from there.

Actaully you can buy online, how about this or another stripe. My dh would love this, but I appreciate it might not be every guy's taste!

tulpe Wed 07-Oct-09 21:11:42

Go for a suit - with or without tie. Please don't go for trousers, shirt & tie. Looks dire and "boring office uniform" imo.

My DH has fairly bulky thighs due to being a field hockey player (swooning at thought of DH doing battle on field...blush ). Suits from Paul Smith, Ted Baker & Jaeger are all a good fit for him.

newspaperdelivery Wed 07-Oct-09 21:16:38

Ooo I like that 2nd one smile DH likes floral shirts. I have found this which is a fairly standard suit, but very cheap. Do you think a floral number would suit? I spotted this

Whadyareckon? I guess yours or mine couldn't have a tie?

God I'm so out of it! This is what 2 kids and total poverty do for you.

VerityBrulee Wed 07-Oct-09 21:42:51

That suit and monsoon shirt look great, and bargains too! If your dh rarely wears a suit it's not worth spending a fortune. I think it would look good with either stripes or floral.

You'll all look great - hope you have a lovely day smile

newspaperdelivery Wed 07-Oct-09 22:14:15

Thank you VerityBrulee. For your help and opinions. I have ordered, and M%S are doing named day for free on orders over £150 so it will all be here Friday. Hurrah!


He better not look better than me hmm

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