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Anyone else considering fitflop inuk boots.....

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boodleboot Wed 07-Oct-09 18:49:14

.....this winter?

I have lived and died in my fitflops this and last summer and reluctantly putting them away due to the hideous amount of rain we having this week....happened across the ugg style fitflop boots and think i am in love before i have even tried one on....

can't post a link as hideously crap at that 'tecchy' stuff blush

Candlewax Wed 07-Oct-09 19:03:39

Here are the boots Can I just ask those of you that wore the fitflops, did it really make a diffence to your weight loss and legs?

LIZS Wed 07-Oct-09 19:05:54

nice but nearly £200 [shock}

PoisonToadstool Wed 07-Oct-09 19:06:56

They are utterly vile. I thought they looked okay online till I saw some in the flesh. They will flatter no one.

pointyhat Wed 07-Oct-09 19:09:28

Awful. Neaerly as bad as the sandals

BobtheWoodmouse Wed 07-Oct-09 19:41:09

I wore fitflops all summer and bought the mukluk fitflop boots last week. They have hardly been off my feet. They are quite fugly but my feet are in heaven.grin I tend to be out of the public eye most days although couldn't really give a toss who sees them and will schlep around Tesco quite happily in them.

Candlewax, I don't have great legs but I have no cellulite so maybe they have helped and I think the overall shape of my legs has improved a little over the last few months, so who knows.

boodleboot Wed 07-Oct-09 21:06:30

bob - i am so tempted to get them.....just to keep me out of puddles....uggs....meh, i'm just a bit over them i think and they are CRAP in the rain...

maybe i will get the billows instead of the long boots.....they are really expensive - 200quid is pretty ridiculous for non leather boots....

ooh i just dunno....

they make more of a psychological difference rather than actual weightloss for me....but sooooo comfortable, much more comfortalble than MBT's...[which i have but have only worn a handful of times blush]

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