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dual purpose tartan dress

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moulesfrites Wed 07-Oct-09 18:09:41

Here's a challenge for you all. I have been invited to a party next weekend. The theme is tartan and there will be a celidh. However, I have also got a job interview coming up and was thinking about getting something I couldd possibly wear for both - perhaps a smart tartan shift dress or something? I have found one on the warehouse website but is £120 - was thinking about half that as a budget!! TIA

brokenspacebar Wed 07-Oct-09 19:16:00

It is quite hard finding tartan dresses, esp to suit an interview, I did see one online recently but cannot find it now.


size 12 only


possibly a tad short

lovely, but £££

moulesfrites Wed 07-Oct-09 19:48:10

oooh, I do like the ted baker one! Shame about the price! Thanks

tulpe Wed 07-Oct-09 21:28:28

Great for party but not for interview

here at ASOS

sleepsforwimps Thu 08-Oct-09 08:45:06

Not sure it is suitable for both, or either infact grin but this is the only one I could find for less £££ so thought i'd add it.

brokenspacebar Thu 08-Oct-09 12:00:47

You need to get the Ted Baker one, and do that fashion maths thing of cost per wear, you won't just wear it twice. It would be good for xmas/new year. Nights out, days out (worn with a black t-shirt or white shirt it could be less formal looking, maybe?

moulesfrites Thu 08-Oct-09 21:56:47

Thanks guys, I tried on the Ted Baker one tonight, but wasn't great - the beigey background colour made me look a bit washed out. I have ended up getting this skirt - it look nicer in real life - thought I could wear it with a black top for party and black jacket for interview

brokenspacebar Thu 08-Oct-09 23:52:29

Good luck with the interview moules. I wish I was going to a ceilidh.

I like the skirt, good choice!

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