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dark auburn hair starting to fade..not ready to go grey

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nocciola Wed 07-Oct-09 16:49:38

It's going... bits fading blonde-like others are defo grey. What to do? after having had the 'character building' victimisation for all these years, really not ready to lose it but don't want it to look unnatural. Will go down fighting before going blonde (bottled enemy of all redheadswink[note bestest friend is blonde])! ideas...?

brokenspacebar Thu 08-Oct-09 12:52:05

Go to a good hairdresser you trust for advice - it is too risky to diy imho.

I was speaking to a hairdresser the other day about dealing with my silvery highlights, she said to try the foil type thing(not sure what they are called), but they look more natural and aren't all over colour. She said I shouldn't bother yet because I don't really have enough to justify it - it is more noticeable to me.

Bumping too, someone with similar hair colour might have better advice.

You could try some wash in/out shader type things too.

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