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Still looking for the perfect boot for me - what about these?

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Thelongroadhome Tue 06-Oct-09 22:56:58

Have waded through threads, looked online, bought and taken back and now have thought about
these. Can anyone give me an opinion? Thanks.

moondog Tue 06-Oct-09 23:00:03

Quite nice.I prefer the long one lower down though.

sphil Tue 06-Oct-09 23:02:28

Ooh I like them - am looking for something similar so may well copy you...

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Tue 06-Oct-09 23:02:34

I'd say they're pretty nice - might go and try some myself thanks! Like the long ones also - depends which looks nicer on you.

Thelongroadhome Tue 06-Oct-09 23:04:37

Mmm, like the long ones as well now. Might have to go into a shop and try them on as I cant stand the thought of ordering more and having to take them back.

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