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facial hair problem - where to get electrolysis done in the South East.

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wethree Tue 06-Oct-09 21:04:46


I have an increasingly bad facial hair problem. its noticeably worse since i had DS and its gotten to the stage where i am really bothered by it and i think about it ALL the time. DH is lovely about it and never mentions it but i know people see it and it want to get rid of it.

i have managed not to shave or wax as i'd like to address this in a more permanent way. areas i'm looking at are sides of my face (sideburn extensions!) and all the way under my chin to top of neck. top lip would be great too but not such a priority.

i think after reading online, that i'm a fairly good candidate for laser or electrolysis but feel that the latter would offer a more permanent solution and i'd rather wait and get it done 'properly' - although i'm willing to take advice or tips! i have v dark and quite coarse hair but my skin (especially if untanned) is fairly light.

my question is how do i know where would be a good place to get it done?

it seems that every other beauty salon offers it and just as with a hairdressers, there are some you just wouldn't go to. but how can i tell?

is there anyone with any experience that can advise me?

i live in west kent but could go into london if i had to.

anyone got any advice or ideas?


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