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Invitation to kick me up the a#$*

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Sourdough Tue 06-Oct-09 11:55:34

I am in a serious rut, style-wise.

I am 5'2" and have no idea what I weigh, I think slightly below 8st, but not much.

I am 39, work alot have three two children and a very demanding husband, who I work for. I spend nearly all day alone in my little office on farm premises but live in a rather smart area, so am a bit of a disgrace when in polite company. Haven't bought any new clothes for AGES and never go out evenings. I have a pretty good sense of style, but no idea at all about fashion and don't even know what suits me any more, let alone what clothes are currently around. I need to be smart as I have quite a role to fulfill as a wife on professional occasions and grew up in the 80s so wouldn't dream of re-visiting. I seem to live in jeans and plain tops, which gets a bit boring, i.e casual jeans for work, smart jeans for otherwise.FGS, I put on a jumper yesterday which had a stain on it and I hadn't even noticed. I grew up in London but fear I have slipped into rustic/couldn't care less ways and I need help.

Consider it a challenge.

Sourdough Tue 06-Oct-09 12:46:29

Bumping - someone must be able to point me towards something! Any suggestions at all...

scattyspice Tue 06-Oct-09 12:55:08

I tend to wear casual jeans and smart jeans, I think as long as your smart jeans really are smart (dark wash) and not faded or saggy then its a good look. Alternatively wear A line skirt (cord or somesuch) and knee length boots instead of the jeans.

There's nothing wrong with a v neck jumper on top, experiment with colour to see what suits you. Alternatively a long sleeved T shirt and cardy or sleeveless cardy looks good (H+M have a few in just now). Or layering (two longsleeve Ts in diff colours).

I am hopeless at nights out and formal occasions as do little of either blush.

Good luck

aarghhelp Tue 06-Oct-09 12:59:47

Hi I don't think I can be much help as I a comparatively a big lump. However, finding a mail order company which will reliably take returns would be a good start. I have redone my day to day wardrobe from Boden's summer sale (I know, they're not so good for the more petite, so I've heard). This board has a lot to answer for grin

Going down the mail order route, the more info the company can give re measurements and sizes, the less likely you are to make mistakes.

Are you looking for "professional occasionwear" or day to day stuff? I assume you don't need to worry what other people think in the farm office, but you might feel happier if you like what you wear.

So what are your good points/ colouring/ ideal taste re style, fashion etc? I mean, classic English, rock chick, Italian chic, so on. Do you want to wear shirts more? etc etc

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Tue 06-Oct-09 13:00:12

Okay, I am in similar situation and what I would do is this:

Stick to your jeans and plain tops for working at home, but buy some really lovely necklaces (or scarves if it's chilly in your office) to add some interest. I always find nice 'daytime' necklaces in Fat Face.

You could easily kit yourself out at Boden. Buy a going to town' outfit - perhaps something along the lines of:

Woollen ankle skimmers

With a jumper such as:
Roll neck

And the Biker jacket

Add boots with a low, chunky heel and you're sorted.

I know that dresses can be tricky if you're short (I am too), so for nights out what about teaming a pair of velvet jeans with a top such as this:silk ruffle top.

Don't pick drab colours!

Another great idea is going to John Lewis etc and booking a personal shopper.

FlorenceandtheWashingMachine Tue 06-Oct-09 13:01:35

Just to add that my sister is also petite, but she finds Boden's staright-legged style trousers fine to be taken up.

Sourdough Tue 06-Oct-09 13:45:38

I am pretty good at the real smart stuff because it's seldom too fashion-forward. Most of my venturing out in public is done on the racecourse and I've got racecourse clothing to a tee. I'm floudering a bit on day-to-day moderately trendy stuff. I'm not an ageing 39 year old (although my under-eye area may beg to differ!) and don't want to be too 'mumsy'. By the same token I don't want to be mutton either. I found myself in Nottingham at the weekend and felt like the country mouse! The trouble is most of my stuff hasn't been replaced in a while and looks a bit shabby. Plus I lost a bit of weight (the positive side of high anxiety!) over the summer and now even my trusty jeans all look as though they've gone in the arse. I'm just a bit of a mess and need to know what's out there (and isn't studded, metallic or something your granny would like)

Jewelsandgems Tue 06-Oct-09 13:54:05

I would definately do the 2 different colour long sleeved Ts instead of your boring plain tops, and also incorporate a necklace/drapey scarf. For going out, you can still add the same accessories, but maybe go for a camisole top and cardi, (with necklace and scarf) and wear with smart jeans (dark skinnies would look great, as would dark bootlegs with chunky cute mary jane shoes)

There are also so many little chiffony blouses around right now, which can be worn alone, over a vest, or over a long sleeved T. These look really feminine would can actually be quite practicle too, and are a breeze to wash, and dry in no time (no ironing either!)

check out ted baker here

Colour-wise, I still love last seasons jewel colours [navy/purple/dark green] but love colours like mink and grey too. And the fabrics can make a massive different. A silk cami with a cardi will look alot more dressier than a cotton cami (and with the shimmer and texture of the silk, will add some luxuriousness)

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