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Umbrella inspiration for a 16 yo please!

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weblette Tue 06-Oct-09 10:04:14

Very good friend's dd turns 16 this week and would like an umbrella.

Anyone know any good sites where we could get something funky for her? She's into art and animals, especially wolves!


Not wolf-related, but pretty cool anyway!

aarghhelp Tue 06-Oct-09 10:17:17

Lulu Guinness

fruitspooksbatsintheeaves Tue 06-Oct-09 10:19:12

my dd is 16 and would only want a very plain or black umbrella or one of those ones that is more of a dome and comes over your head more

weblette Tue 06-Oct-09 14:33:47

Thanks for those, will get a bit more guidance from her!

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