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Leather jacket - how to wear without looking a bit too tough/scary

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MakemineaGandT Tue 06-Oct-09 09:55:46

Waffly title - sorry! I have a gorgeous black leather jacket (quite a fitted smart one rather than biker style) and I got it out the other day since leather jackets seem to be "the thing" at the moment....anyway, I love it and it still fits well, but I look rather severe in it.......what can I do? Am I perhaps getting too old for leather? (Am 34)

cruelladepoppins Tue 06-Oct-09 12:11:21

I had great success 20 yrs ago (truly) wearing mine with very feminine (but still black!) clothes - lacy miniskirt and top. More recently, have worn with a great big net skirt (black again). Think I still have jacket somewhere ... would go for skinny trousers and pretty scarf?

MakemineaGandT Tue 06-Oct-09 14:15:41

Cruella - I love your idea of skinny trousers. In fact I have been wanting to buy some skinny black ones for a while but can't seem to find any anywhere - only jeans or leggings. I am NOT doing leggings and although I have skinny jeans I just don't think they look right with the jacket - I think I need smarter (pref. black) trousers. Have you seen any anywhere? I thought French Connection might be a good bet but looked there the other day without success

bonnyb1 Tue 06-Oct-09 15:54:27

Hi - I have just bought a gorgeous Karl Lagerfeld black leather jacket on ebay for £26!!! I am so excited I can't tell you. I was thinking of wearing it with a black knitted dress and pretty scarf - what kind of shoes/boots though?

cruelladepoppins Tue 06-Oct-09 18:29:55

bonnyb1 - lucky you! I would think either knee boots or shoes. Black. I deffo wouldn't go for biker boots - but that's just me!

MakeminaGandT - try Topshop (blush - I only popped in out of curiosity and because I had a child-free morning to myself - and I ended up buying a top no doubt designed for someone a generation younger - anyway they had some nice looking skinny black jeans ... if you don't fancy, try Reiss for trousers ...) Let us know how you get on...

SkaterGrrrrl Wed 07-Oct-09 12:23:51

Wear it with a floral dress! I want a leather jacket now...

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