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How do you get small photos for lockets

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randomeuro Mon 05-Oct-09 19:40:51

Hello all

Title says it all really I think I may be getting a locket for a present and if so then I would ofc like to have a couple of photos in there rather than have it empty. Do you have to photoshop photos till they are very tiny or use photos where the person has had the photo taken from a great distance? Am I overthinking this lol?

Oblique Tue 06-Oct-09 03:23:46

I wouldn't do the "taken from a great distance" as it would be fuzzy. Yes a program would shrink them OK, but be sure to choose a high resolution for printing.

diamondlil Tue 06-Oct-09 15:09:08

If you get the photos you want printed at Boots and order the photo CD...the disc comes with thumbnail prints of all the pics on the disc (on photographic paper) which you can cut out to use in a locket!
(I've used some of these little pics in birthday cards, makes it more personal).

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