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interesting ring - any ideas?

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higgle Mon 05-Oct-09 18:05:49

DH and I have just celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. I have a lovely diamond and sapphire eternity ring that I wear on the third finger of my right hand because it is very elaborate ( couldn't find one with stones that went all round so had one with circles but all on top) As the eternity ring is a bit ott I only wear it for special occasions so DH would like to buy me a more practical ring to wear everyday. I have quite small hands and I'd like something plain but a little bit unusual, fairly contemporary. Budget is £500 - please help me with some ideas.

franklymydear Mon 05-Oct-09 18:11:10 s=s+5-p+2-c+287466-r+201432138-x+-n+6-ri+-ni+0-t+

franklymydear Mon 05-Oct-09 18:12:15 +4-c+287466-r+201432138-x+-n+6-ri+-ni+0-t+

franklymydear Mon 05-Oct-09 18:12:32


pinktortoise Mon 05-Oct-09 18:14:43

Look at the Georg Jensen webpage - love their stuff, contemporary yet classic.

PCPlumIsMyHomeboy Mon 05-Oct-09 22:24:05 iew=list

anything here?

BonjourIvresse Mon 05-Oct-09 22:40:10

etsy has some lovely stuff, and you can find someone you can commison there and get exactly what you wan

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