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What to wear for dinner at country house hotel?

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NancyBotwin Mon 05-Oct-09 11:03:47

It's so long since I've been on this sort of weekend away that I can't remember what I wore the last time!

Daytime will probably be dressing for warmth & comfort but I've no idea how smartly dressed people will be in the evening - the hotel website rather unhelpfully says there is no dress code...

Sunshinemambo Mon 05-Oct-09 11:08:42

If there's no dress code I'd probably wear jeans, boots and a nice top.

thedollshouse Mon 05-Oct-09 11:11:31

I'm not sure about jeans. If there is no dress code you could get away with it but you might feel uncomfortable. I think I would wear something quite simple but jazzed up with nice jewellery.

I really envy you its been years since I have had a weekend away in a country hotel. Have a great time. smile

NancyBotwin Mon 05-Oct-09 11:15:10

Years for me too - just hope there are no last-minute glitches - arranging childcare was very complicated!

I think no to jeans too - though white ones would probably be ok in summer...

BigusBumus Mon 05-Oct-09 11:15:20

For the evening, something smart casual, like a wrap-dress or thinnish knit dress would be good. I wouldn't wear jeans, apart from black overdyed skiny ones. With a little silk cami and a cardigan, but not a shrug.

I think the best rules are to make sure you are completely groomed, so immaculate nails, hair and make-up. Spotlessly clean shoes and boots, no snags in your knitwear etc. This shouts "class" much more than the actual clothes yo are wearing.

mmmwine Mon 05-Oct-09 11:16:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NancyBotwin Mon 05-Oct-09 11:20:28

Ok I've got a wrap dress (though it's very obvious it's from Boden!) so that will be my back-up if I don't think of anything else.

I do have a navy shift dress that is a bit smarter but not sure what shoes would go with it this time of year (got tan peep-toe sling-backs for summer after consulting the combined wisdom of MN!)

Sazisi Mon 05-Oct-09 11:22:15

classic, understated glamour-puss is what you need to aim for.
oh it's too long since I'd dinner at a country house hotel...

Sunshinemambo Mon 05-Oct-09 12:24:39

Hmm see I think jeans can be smart with the right accompaniments.

Navy shift dress woud surely go with classic black courts? Navy and black big colour combo at the mo.

NancyBotwin Mon 05-Oct-09 13:14:13

The consensus seemed to be that navy & black was a big no when I last enquired! (though that was summer tbh)

Sunshinemummified Mon 05-Oct-09 13:55:09

If you look in the shops now navy and black is everywhere.

NancyBotwin Mon 05-Oct-09 19:31:29

Anyone from the evening crowd want to chip in?

Navy shift dress with brown knee length boots. Though it might look a bit work-ish. You could jazz it up with a bright chunky necklace?

NancyBotwin Mon 05-Oct-09 19:39:15

Dress with boots in the evening? I'm struggling with that one tbh...

traceybath Mon 05-Oct-09 19:39:25

Agree with sunshine - navy and black is very chic. However navy shift and black courts sounds a little work like.

Do you want to spend some money? Wrap dress is fine but I'd personally go for smart jeans and fab top/bag/heels.

Jeans especially indigo ones are fine for country house hotels in my experience.

Where are you going? We're off to Calcot Manor in half-term and have recently been to Lucknam Park. I'd say most of the women were either in dressy tops and jeans or glam dresses.

NancyBotwin Mon 05-Oct-09 19:43:22

I'm not sure about buying something new - I don't wear dresses a lot so have quite a few I've only worn a couple of times so seems a bit of a waste to buy another...

When you say glam dresses what do you mean exactly?

traceybath Mon 05-Oct-09 19:50:24

I guess I mean something that didn't look officey. So perhaps in a silky or slinky fabric but I guess the key is that they looked glam because of how they were wearing them.

Howver I just don't personally get the wear out of dresses so tend to stick to jeans and evening'y tops.

Is it very posh/older clientale?

NancyBotwin Mon 05-Oct-09 19:52:16

No idea - have never been before (am loath to say where in case dh is a secret Mnetter - tis a surprise for him!)

Sunshinemummified Tue 06-Oct-09 10:29:23

I was thinking you could do a Jackie O type thing with navy shift dress, black courts and some pearls. Be very chic! Alternatively what about navy shift dress and some black shoe boots?

NancyBotwin Wed 07-Oct-09 17:03:40

Well I've had a trying on session and I decided that the Boden dress was too day-time, the navy shift dress was too officey. Tried a maxi dress but felt it was too OTT for what might be a casual place so....

Once more I am going to wear a v. old (but lovely!) Monsoon calf-length shift dress in a very soft, slinky silk. The fabric pattern looks like it is from Boden tbh but it is very flattering to the figure, can be dressed down with a cardi & flats or dressed up with heels and a wrap.

Just wish I didn't end up wearing it so much - I have several other lovely dresses but never get to wear them.

Now just need to rush over to the boot threads as I need some new ones for lovely country walks!

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