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hairdresser, wokingham

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Lexilicious Mon 05-Oct-09 10:44:54

Hi all,

getting married in December and have awful hair. To be precise, I have "new mum hair".

Would like a recommendation for a really good hairdresser in Wokingham (I don't live there but reception venue is there) that I could go and have a cut with now to take out bad layers and hopefully it'll be the right length for the 50s curled-under bob type 'do' that I'd like in Dec. Like that Zoe had hers when she did waltz on Strictly. Except I'm brunette.

Any recommendations?

Also, DH(to-be) has the hots for red hair. All shades. Should I get tints? Everything else about the day is 'normal' or just a slight amplification of normal (e.g. they wear suits to work but I don't think any of the males in our families have worn Morning Dress ever before), and I have this nagging feeling that while he would properly get the horn at my reddish hair, it would be somewhat 'fake'.


PrettyCandles Mon 05-Oct-09 10:59:25

Don't go to Zappas. They are expensive and I have never had as good cut or service from them as I have had from other hairdressers. Most of my friends who have used Zappas are also not so keen on them. That said, if you want them merely to style, rather than cut, they may be good.

I've used Hartington on Peach street, and they were quite good. My favourite hairdresser in the area is actually in Binfield. A small independant stylist, heaper than the others and has always interpreted my instructions better than the others. Trouble is, I can't remember the name! Next time I drive through I'll try to remember to look and post it here.

There is another salon called Mimi, on Rose Street. It is a bit of an old ladies' salon, but then might be just right for a retro cut. I take my dc there and am happy with the service.

If the hairdo is important to you, then a consultation/discussion (which would probably be free) and a rehearsal visit would probably be a good idea. Why not get the cut locally to you, and only get the styling done in Wokingham on the day?

As for changing your hair colour, my instinctive reaction is NOT. He's marrying you, not a manufactured doll. You will be looking at these pictures in future years, and it would be a shame if you felt it wasn't you in the picture, IYSWIM. You can always tint your hair as a treat for him later on. Perhaps even at a hotel salon on honeymoon?

PrettyCandles Mon 05-Oct-09 11:00:23

[nosey] Where's the reception going to be?

GypsyMoth Mon 05-Oct-09 11:05:54

there was one in the arcade near waitrose that i used to go to. can't remember the name but it was ok

Lexilicious Mon 05-Oct-09 11:31:06

Great, thanks! Wedding's at 4pm in church and party's at the Cantley House Hotel. Staying there the night before too, so have got all morning to get styled etc. As you say, probably want to get cut before so on the day's just a styling visit.

You're right about the colouring. And it just introduces something to be disappointed in or in the reaction to it.

PrettyCandles Mon 05-Oct-09 14:37:17

I've not been to the Cantley House, but am told it's nice. Hope it's lovely!

The hairdresser in the arcade is H2O (Hair to Order?). I've only tried them once, for my dc, and was disappointed. They did dd's straight cut beautifully, but ds's layered cut was a disaster. And they charged me a lot more than I expected. Probably because they said they had to wash ds's hair - too thick, they said, to cut with just a spray - but didn't tell me that they would charge adult rate for the wash.

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