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Hair dye issue - Calling all Hairdressers - i need expert advice.

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ruffletheanimal Sun 04-Oct-09 18:04:10

So, i have taken it upon myself to dye my light brown hair, v dark brown. it needed to be done rather urgently coz when i had it snipped (i have cropped hair so it needs doing often. I squeezed a quick cut in while the dc were at school on friday)the back had these bloody awful stripes in it from highlights that were done last time, when the back was a little longer.

SO. the 'dark brown' is near enough black. and its not the end of the world, but i dont really like it tbh.

what are my options from here, colour-wise? i like
-shiney-conker brown,
-maybe much lighter brown with a copper semi permanent colour on top so it starts out bright but fades slowly away
-reeeeeeally light, white blonde.

i have no hope of no3 till this lot grows out, right?

i cant ask hairdressers round here coz its small town hicksville and i dont trust that their training was particularly fab, nor that its up to date with modern advances, like. blue rinses more their line.

help please !

ruffletheanimal Sun 04-Oct-09 20:38:00

any hairdressers about?

PoisonToadstool Sun 04-Oct-09 20:39:24

Not a hairdresser

But you had highlights, then a haircut, then dyed it at home dark brown, yes?

ruffletheanimal Sun 04-Oct-09 21:08:09

yep, thats right.

PutDown Sun 04-Oct-09 21:14:21

Wash and wash again in vosene,over and over again.
I did this and lightened my 'dark brown' dye to conker colour.
Condition really well,dark hair always looks better conditioned and shiny,imo.

ruffletheanimal Sun 04-Oct-09 23:21:42

ok, will try that - thanks! smile

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