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Posh outfit with bf-ing monster boobs - what can I wear?

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marjoriedawessassy Thu 09-Jun-05 08:03:39

Been invited to a 'black tie and posh frocks' do next month (my boss's leaving do). Problem is I am still bf-ing and my normally large boobs are ENORMOUS - a 36H/34J . On a size 12 frame they look pretty silly, to say the least. I will be wearing a minimiser bra to help a bit, but have no clue how to dress to avoid looking like Jordan hitting the Chelsea clubs.
Help, o stylish ones!!!

suzywong Thu 09-Jun-05 08:05:41

that's a tough one, think of a celeb who has big norks and then google images to see what she would wear, not a crap celeb obviously

Puff Thu 09-Jun-05 08:08:19

deep v necked dresses or tops are good, nothing with a high neck - makes a large bust look v matronly (owner here of a 38 GG ).

Nightynight Thu 09-Jun-05 08:08:23

Liz Hurley?

Satine Thu 09-Jun-05 08:11:28

What sort of budget are you on? I bought a gorgeous Max Mara dress a couple of months ago which is so well cut it would look great on your figure but it was £300 (gulp - but it's the first really nice thing I've bought for donkey's years and I'm going to have to trot it out at every party till I'm 50...)

Nightynight Thu 09-Jun-05 08:28:56


marjoriedawessassy Thu 09-Jun-05 08:29:41

Satine - £300?
Wish I had that sort of money, but afraid its more like £80 max.
ALWAYS wear v necks, Puff ; othewise me hoo hars look as if they'e growing out of me neck!!

charleepeters Thu 09-Jun-05 08:34:37

not Jordan!!!!!!!!

marjoriedawessassy Thu 09-Jun-05 08:36:12

Its the Jordan look I'm trying to avoid cp!

basketcase Thu 09-Jun-05 08:44:58

As a woman with rather large boobs myself (all natural) I can symapthise. Totally agree with the wide deep V neck line. There are two other considerations worth thinking about:
a) where the eye is drawn - eg. no long styled necklaces dangling into chasms, if wanting something patterned better to have a pattern/brighter coloured item on the bottom half than the top, ear rings are good at drawing the eye up to the face etc. etc.
b) proportions - avoid tight waisted clothes. Even if you are happy with a nice size 12 waist, will make boobs look even bigger. Not saying go for the bin bag style, just avoid tight fitting on the waist/tummy line. Lower slung styles such as hipster trouser suits or the summer skirts/dresses with a nice wide jazzy belt will balance your boobs with your hips more than your waist. Avoid short sleeves that stop with the horizontal line of your boobs - makes boobs look even wider somehow - shorter or longer is fine just avoid the illusion of more width at chest point.


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