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Boots for work

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aarghhelp Sun 04-Oct-09 11:56:06

I am looking for boots which are
1. warm
2. comfy (?lowish block heel)
3. superficially look as thought they might be quite smart (want to wear for work)
4. Are quite durable i.e. not pale tan suede that would soon become scuffed. I live in the country and have to walk over unmade road every day to park the car. I also drive quite a lot. I was wondering about patent as it is pretty easy care, or maybe a patent strip on the toe or summat.
5. ideally quite easy to pull on and off

Could be ankle length or higher. Mainly to wear with knee length wrap dresses to make me warm enought to wear them through the cold weather. Have lost weight and sort of can't/can't be bothered to find smart winter weight trousers and knee length skirts.

I was thinking brown but would also be interested in purplish tones/trims.

aarghhelp Sun 04-Oct-09 12:21:33

Have been looking at the Dune ones, and there are some possibilities there.

Am I too over-cautious in being concerned re wear on the toes? It seems to be the place boots first show signs of wear IME. Was less of an issue is my younger, single, urban existence.

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