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SheerCover make up - Have I been sucked in by infomercial propaganda or does it actually work ?

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SausageRocket Sun 04-Oct-09 10:15:01

Have seen the ads for this stuff a few times and I'm considering getting some. Is it any good or is it just the same as any other make up on the market ?

All that stuff about mineral make up being 'good for your skin'. True or false ?

paranoidandconfused Sun 04-Oct-09 10:32:13

ooh don't know but would be interested to find out as it looks pretty good but then I thought that about no wet wonder carpet foam and it was shite grin

Jennylee Sun 04-Oct-09 10:40:49

I notice though that they use the concelaer and the other stuff too so is nto jsut the miracel powder that makes the effect it seems to be the whole lot of stuff and it ends up being monthly payments and mroe stuff every month

AnyFuleKno Sun 04-Oct-09 11:26:41

there are lots of mineral makeups around, I would hit debenhams and try a few testers out. You don't want to end up joining the sheer cover club (with monthly direct debit). Who knows where it could lead??

ceres Sun 04-Oct-09 15:23:13

i know sheer cover was one of the brands which used to contain........i think it is bismuth oxide. this can cause itchy skin in lots of people. some brands don't contain this - jane iredale (but v pricey) and lily lolo don't have it i think. in fact sheer cover may not use it now but it's worth checkingout as could be a pricey mistake if you are one of the unlucky ones sensitive to bismuth.

also a lot of the high street versions have other ingredients - like talc.

i switch about with foundation a lot, i do find mineral make up quite good though.

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