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I think this is a conservative estimate......what do you think?

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tulpe Sat 03-Oct-09 23:01:21

This article was published a while ago but only just came across it searching for something else.

KristinaM Sun 04-Oct-09 08:29:46


love the idea of trying two outfits each morning. clearly those women dont have kids

but i defo spend more that 36 mins worrying about what to wear for big nights out blush

tulpe Sun 04-Oct-09 12:19:54

Me too!

I would be depressed I am sure if I actually counted up the minutes wasted on "what shall I wear??"!!

southeastastra Sun 04-Oct-09 12:24:08

men do too i reckon - my dp can spend ages poncing about which shirt to wear

during normal day though i can't usually be so arse, hence wearing all black today grin not very cheerful

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