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Check out this cool new style blog especially for mums!

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TattieK Sat 03-Oct-09 13:45:38

I've just started a new blog for Mums to swap and share fashion and style inspirations!

I am really looking for some real pics of real mums looking fabulous, because lets face it, it's about time we had some real life images to look at and feel inspired by (no offence Victoria Beckham!)

So please check out my blog and feel free to send me a snap the next time you feel really good about a look you are wearing, or if you have a great recent pic of yourself that inspires you!

I will never write anything mean about anyone and monitor all comments to keep it possitive.

It would also be useful for people to let us know where yo got any recent items from, in case someone wants to emulate your look!

Check out my blog at:

You can email pics to:

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Sat 03-Oct-09 14:00:38

Good for you for getting this off the ground.
Don't want to be mean but a few things spring to mind:

There's hardly anything on the site apart from a single paragraph saying more or less what you've said here;

Your profile tells us nothing about you other than the fact that you're a mum who loves fashion;

I'd suggest you find a few of these pics of stylish mums as examples - maybe friends (or yourself?)

What's in it for site users - why would we send in our pics or want to look at this blog?

Not sure if this constitutes advertising under MN rules.

I wish you luck with it, I can see it possibly could take off, although personally I'd rather stick pins in my eyes than post an online picture telling everyone how fab I looked.

tulpe Sat 03-Oct-09 16:11:22

Agree with Ourlady.

Think it's a fab idea but think you need to address all the above issues too.

It could be great once you get some photos on there. I think you need to kickstart it yourself rather than waiting for others to come to you first.

Good luck

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