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Kind of a WWYD and what would you wear...

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SpookyAlice Sat 03-Oct-09 08:33:52

Some girls i used to work with are soon moving abroad to work for a while. They are having a leaving do in town and are all dressing up as lifeguards (Baywatch style) teeny red hot pants and very tight t-shirts.

I would like to go, but i am NOT wearing that out. Should just add that they are all under 25 and work in a physical job and don't have kids (not an ounce of fat between them)

So, do i go and risk looking like the only adult a frump


Not go and enjoy a bottle of wine at home with DH?

If i go, what the hell do i wear???

CybilLiberty Sat 03-Oct-09 08:35:40

Do you have to dress up at all?

SpookyAlice Sat 03-Oct-09 11:38:10

No, but i want to look good but not as though i've tried. I am only 25 myself but they all see me as mum, and would expect me to turn up in a sensible Boden dress with an enormous handbag containing plasters, paracetamol, taxi numbers etc. (my friend has said as much)

I am very sensible and would have all these things but i don't want to look like mum on a night out iyswim?

benandalex Sat 03-Oct-09 11:40:30

would you not just wear a pair of jeans and tight tee?

TrillianSlasher Sat 03-Oct-09 11:45:05

Get some awesome jeans and wear high heels under them (long jeans so you can't see how high the heels are - does wonders to lengthen the legs).

Tight t-shirt, to match them or a jokey slogany one.

SpookyAlice Sat 03-Oct-09 11:51:40

Ok, so the problem is
a) T-shirts are the most unflattering thing on me. Big boobs, wobbly tummy and dinner lady arms....need i say more? grin
b) Really can't wear high heels due to a broken leg that never healed properly. I tend to live in Uggs or ballet flats.

TrillianSlasher Sat 03-Oct-09 12:03:38

Wedges? Something easy to walk in but that gives some height?

3/4 or long-sleeved top with scoop/square neck (top to show the awesomeness of the boobs) in same colour as their silly t-shirts?

Or else how are your legs?

SpookyAlice Sat 03-Oct-09 12:09:48

Erm....not seen them in a while grin

I was thinking of a denim mini with coloured tights, ballet flats and low cut top with sleeves that come to the elbow. Does that sound ok or a bit casual?

TrillianSlasher Sat 03-Oct-09 12:24:55

If they're wearing shorts I don't see how you can be too casual.

SpookyAlice Sat 03-Oct-09 18:10:43

Fair point grin

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